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RepoReport on Rev. Kapil Bhandari ji's visit

Written by
Aman Sareen

In the month of February 2014, the Phoenix sadh-sangat was blessed and honored to have the company of Rev. Kapil Bhandariji. He visited the homes of many saints and shared his learnings and impressed everyone with his faith towards the True Master.

Following is a brief summary from the discourse by Rev. Kapil Bhandariji ji:

Saints , I have no words to express my thanks to you all & to the Lord Master. Ever since we came in your lotus feet, the love & service of each & every saint has humbled me. I really thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Saints, I remember, there was an old man who was very tired and put a poster in his living room that read "God is Nowhere". His grandson read that poster as "God is Now Here".

We often take examples of kings from the past. For example Alexander the great, Chandragupta Maurya etc. Chandragupta Maurya told his minister, "It would've been nicer had you been handsome". He presented two glasses of water in front of the king. The king drank the first glass of water, followed by the next. The minister asked the king which glass of water was good & sweet. The king replied - the second one was very sweet. The minister said the first glass was in a golden pot while the second, sweeter glass of water was made of clay. We need to see content & not the label of what we learn from others' words.

Saints have helped us by making big Bhawans (congregation halls) so we can remember God together. We can realize God and talk with Him, this is the greatness of the true master. If we believe in Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Guru Nanak ji , we find out that what true master has given us is the same knowledge as was given by aforementioned Lords. If we think a little ahead, we see that other sages have also repeated the same teachings.

These are my own thoughts, let's think about our thinking before we attained Divine Knowledge. In that mindset, if we believe in Lord Krishna & he walks in this room, we wont believe it. The current verse from the holy book also talks about the same divine knowledge. Baba ji has provided his own traits to his disciples. This is something that's really unique in this mission. Lord Master let's His disciples sit on the stage & give sermons about God & devotion.

Sometimes I ponder about a lot of responsibilities I've had. The congregation of Toronto made me realize God. I submitted myself in their lotus feet. He told me that the time that has past has past. We need to look forward & spread this message. It's a big sin if we don’t share the words of the master with our friends, colleagues, & family.

You all must have heard about Swami Vivekananda. When he was coming in a ship to attend a spiritual conference in Chicago .He came across this young man & started a communication. All the spiritual scriptures tell us about our true abode, our true home, where our soul has come from & where it will eventually go. Today, Lord Hardev is reminding us the same thing. All we need to do is submit ourselves. It's not that you have to put in a lot of efforts to attain God realization. It's been made so simple.