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Report on Rev. Harlivleen Bajwa ji's visit, April 2014

Written by
Aman Sareen

The Phoenix sadh-sangat had the great honor and pleasure of hosting Rev. Harlivleen Bajwa ji from Ann Arbor, Michigan from April 10-14, 2014. Various families requested Rev. Harlivleen ji to bless their home by visiting. Saints congregated at each place and shared the teachings of the Mission, how we can be better and have utmost trust and faith in the Satguru. A youth sangat was held on Friday evening where youths asked very thought provoking questions. The Sunday sangat was held at the Phoenix Bhawan where saints got one more chance to listen to Rev. Harlivleen ji.

We also had the pleasure of the company of Mr. Wilford Taylor from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I've been here before and have always felt the kindness and warmth in you all. I always see that similarities among different spiritual/religious movements far out number the dissimilarities. On forgiveness, I would like to stress on smaller offences which we cogently hang up on. Most of these happen in our own homes. I wish I could be better to my family.

Following is a brief summary from the discourse by Rev. Harlivleen ji:

I work in social welfare department and came to the USA in 1964. I got an opportunity to represent the Nirankari Mission in the united Nations. The topic was "Empowerment of Women".

In this mission, we're not taught a new religion. It's a way of life. Why this mission was formed? There were too many deferences. Religion was dividing instead of uniting people. Hence this mission came up. All the prophets came and gave the message of God. All the trees, rivers, saints and the rains exist in this world only to help others. Baba ji has said the we have to extend our human values to the whole world and not to restrict ourselves to just the people of the Nirankari Mission. Manav Ekta Diwas is celebrated with this intention. Haters of Truth tried to crush this movement from the time of Baba Avtar Singh ji. But truth can't be hidden for long. It has to manifest. Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji was spreading the fragrance of one.

There are a lot of benefits of coming to congregation. There have been saints who used to walk 10 hours to reach sangat. There have been saints who've sacrificed their lives for the sake of the mission. Baba ji refrained us from taking revenge. He asked everyone to shed hatred. He inspired us to take revenge by diverting the blood from streets to veins. He asked us not to pin point others. Let's accept it as the will of God. Whatever happens happens for the good.

It's easy to forgive someone. What's difficult is forgetting. When a tree bears fruit, it bends down. It never says no to those who come to eat the fruit. Saints also work towards others' benefit. Satguru has forgiven the 84 lacs incarnations. Even if we take mere one percent of what we hear here, we can say our purpose of coming here is served.