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Report on Rev. Gobind Singh ji's visit

Written by
Aman Sareen

The Phoenix sadh-sangat had the great honor and pleasure of hosting Rev. Gobind Singh ji and his wife Meena ji from Ann Arbor, Michigan from June 28-30. During these three days, the saints were blessed by the wise and inspiring thoughts from Rev. Gobind Singh ji. On Friday, the Phoenix sangat welcomed Rev. Gobind Singh ji by having a congregation in the evening. On Saturday, Rev Gobind Singh ji was kind to visit the homes of the saints starting from early morning till late night and wherever he went, he kept the saints mesmerized with his insightful knowledge about the Nirankari Mission and how to serve and please the Satguru. The Sunday sangat was held at the Phoenix Bhawan where saints got one more chance to listen to Rev. Gobind Singh ji�s vast knowledge of various scriptures. Following is a brief summary from his discourse:

Disciples always adhere to the Guru's word whereas manmukhs stick to their own viewpoint. We're instructed by the Satguru to keep the company of disciples (Gursikhs) as they strengthen our belief in Nirankar. Once Baba ji asked me if I ever talked to one of the saints whose child hasn't been attending the congregation for long. I was so surprised to see that Baba ji remembers each & every child of His. I sought blessings that I'll try my best but it's your blessing that can get him back. Company of manmukhs will keep us away from Sewa, Satsang & Simran.

When we borrow from someone, they lend us. If we repeat this borrowing, there comes a time when the lender stops lending us anymore. They get angry. On the other side, when we ask for something from this God, does He ever get angry with us? No. No matter how much we ask from Him, his love never reduces.

We notice that when we visit someone, the first time they'll welcome us with great joy. If we keep visiting often, their behavior changes and the joy fade away. But this is not the case here in the kingdom of God. We just have to take one step towards Him, He always welcomes us. The closer we get to God, farther we get from the vices like anger, pride & selfishness. Our life changes as we remember Him more & more. Worldly things will not affect us if we keep Him in mind. It is said if we keep the divine knowledge in our mind, we'll always be happy.

The Koran says, all that's there in the sky, in the earth, is all God. When I read Geeta, it says "the One who can't be seen by the eyes, can't be burnt by fire." These are the qualities of God. Lord Krishna tells Arjuna "I'm inside as well as outside. I'm everywhere". I thought that's true as well. I read The Bible which says "In God we live & move, and In God we're alive". All the holy books say the same thing. I read Shri Guru Granth Sahib. It says, there is one light that never fades or strengthens. I read Avtar Bani which says "the One who has no edge, who has no end". Divine understanding comes only with the blessings of Satguru, no matter how much we read the holy books.

Whichever saint we visited, it was such a delight to see their devotion. This love that these saints have for fellow saints in this Mission is unparalleled in this world. All the other efforts the world is spending to achieve God are ineffectual.

Once a blind man was standing in front of the mirror & applying all the cosmetics to make himself look good. Someone asked him "Do you even see the effect of these cosmetics on you?" His answer was No. So having a vision is necessary.

All the prophets came in their time - Jesus Christ, Lord Rama, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. People expect those prophets to come back in the same form they came before. But no prophet comes back in the same form. Bible says "I'm the only way to this Truth". We have to believe that only with His blessing can we be saved. Satguru is calling us again & again, inviting us to come know this God. It�s the same God Knowledge which was given by all the prophets. Today, Baba Hardev Singh ji is giving the same knowledge. Those who took the opportunity to take this knowledge are attending congregation, performing service & reciting His name. We should follow this Satguru who connects us with God. We cannot achieve the same happiness by our intellect as we do with His blessings.

Once Guru ji called his saints & asked them to bring his horse because one saint is waiting for me. That saint who owned a ferry boat was eagerly waiting for his Guru. With a heart full of devotion he took Guru ji to the other end of the river. Guru ji took some jewels out of his pocket & gave them to the saint & said "since you helped me get to the other side, I grant salvation to your next 21 generations." Sometimes we receive a lot without asking anything.