Report on Rev. Gobind Singh ji's visit, January 2016

Written by
Aman Sareen

Rev. Gobind Singh ji and his wife Meena ji from Ann Arbor, Michigan visited Phoenix, Arizona from January 29-31, 2016. Phoenix sadh sangat had the opportunity to listen to the inspring and wisdom rich words of Rev. Gobind Singh ji on various congregations held in his presence during his visit. The Sunday sangat was held at the Phoenix Bhawan where saints got one more chance to listen to Rev. Gobind Singh ji’s vast knowledge of various scriptures. Following is a brief summary from his discourse on January 31, 2016:


I've got a chance to visit Phoenix a couple of times before. Friday and Saturday we had two opportunities to sit together and remember God. I'm really happy to see the expanding congregation here. Baba ji has blessed us with beautiful Satsang Bhawan.


I visited a few places recently to propagate the message of the True Master. It's such a delight when I visit any place again and notice the increase in devotion & love.


When Baba Avtar Singh Ji received God knowledge from Baba Buta Singh ji, they went out for a walk. Baba Buta Singh ji sang a hymn from a scripture and asked Baba Avtar Singh Ji to explain it. Baba Avtar Singh Ji didn't say anything for a while, he just kept on walking along side Baba Buta Singh ji. Buta Singh ji requested again - please explain this stanza. Baba Avtar Singh Ji again remained silent. Buta Singh ji asked again. Baba Avtar Singh Ji responded that he didn't really listen to the stanza. Upon further questioning, Baba Avtar Singh Ji said that he was so engrossed in remembering God and didn't pay heed to anything else. Baba Buta Singh ji was so happy to see this and didn't mind that his question was ignored.


Those who are in God remembrance remain hued in the color of devotion, love, service and God remembrance. It's been written in scriptures that may our mind always remember God while doing worldly chores because God knowledge is such a wealth that nothing stands in its comparison. No matter how much material wealth we accumulate, it just can't match the happiness we get from God remembrance. Baba ji asked us to remember God. But he gave us some directions too. When we call somebody, we call them by their real name or else they won't respond. Baba ji asked us to remember God, attend congregation & perform selfless service. These are the three things He asks of us.


Lord Krishna says - When anybody remembers me anywhere, I end their vices and crimes. When they submit to me, I end their transmigration. There's no other way to get salvation. We thank people who give us anything - be it money, or property etc. When the true master blessed us with such a great asset - God knowledge, should we not thank Him for it?


Today, Baba ji is stressing on the need to align our actions with His words. He has specified in the holy Avtar Bani - to remain committed to one God. When we submit ourselves to God almighty - we no longer lack anything in life. Sometimes He puts us through a test too - to test our devotion. He sees if His followers are truly following His directions or are they mere repeaters or great orators? We have to submit ourselves to the true master. It's said that intellect and intelligence can't attain heights of grace. Baba Avtar Singh ji says - all the people of this world - Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs - they're all children of the same God.


When one gets connected with God - divine light glows. Jesus Christ says in the bible - kind people also receive kindness. Kabir ji says those are poor who don't have God knowledge. Jesus Christ says only those can retain God knowledge who are pure minded.


Whenever I come back from these tours, the first question I'm asked is how the congregation was? They're happy to hear the progress of devotion. I only pray that Baba ji keeps you connected to with God.