Report on Rev. Dr. Iqbaljit Rai ji's visit, January 2017

Written by
Aman Sareen

For the Phoenix congregation, the year 2017 started with the amazing blessing from the Sant Nirankari Mission USA President Respected Dr. Iqbaljit Rai's visit. Respected Dr. Rai along with his wife Manjeet ji visited Phoenix from Jan 8 - 10, 2017. Upon his arrival a reception congregation was held on Saturday evening. During his visit Dr. Rai blessed the congregation and also visited home and business of a few saints. Following is the discourse by Respected Dr. Rai ji delivered Sunday, January 9, 2017.


Prophets teach humanity. Their message is - God made man in His own image. Many great leaders have been working for the welfare of humanity. While technology has brought the world closer, it has also given them missiles capable of destroying each other. The message of the true master is to remove the distance between hearts. Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj has directed us to understand humanity and come close together. All scriptures are similar in their message.


Using an example from Rev. Vivek Shauq ji discourse, He asked us to introspect our life. He says - make a "hate list" of people who we don't like. It'd include those who may have taken loan from us, or someone who's jealous of our possessions, or someone who we just hate because of their language. When this list is ready, we can question who it is that this list is damaging. If we really look at it, this list is destroying us and nobody else. He gave us ways to turn the "reasons" to hate them into something positive. If somebody is jealous of my possession, I can thank God for giving me such possessions.


When we go to buy some stuff late at night and the store is closed - we get angry. How can we not be disturbed by these events? How can we remain thankful to God and accept His will? Those who attain that composed state are blessed.


His Holiness Baba Hardev ji said - "Your happiness should not depend on your circumstances, it should depend on your state of mind".


"Eka" - oneness, God almighty. A follower's life goes on in the backdrop of the ideals preached in the holy scriptures. Once a devotee was hungry and went to a house seeking food. The hosts were very kind and they offered their own food to the visitor. The visitor ate it and slept over. In the morning, he wrote "1" on their door. Afterwards, that poor family started earning $1's. Similarly, the next day another devotee came, and asked for food and shelter. When he left, he wrote a "0" after that "1". That family started making $10s after that. So on and so forth, the family became very rich. Now after a few days, the first visitor came looking for food, but the family refused him, saying he just gave $1, while others, caused huge money drops. Upon this the visitor said ok let me take my 1. After this the person only had 0’s and he again become poor. This shows us, how soon we forget others' favors and blessings.


Poojya Raj Mata ji said that the life of a disciple should be like the sack of sugar. No matter what we receive from others, we should only speak sweet words and spread happiness around us. Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj gave us an example - when we go higher up in the mountains, it becomes difficult to see because of mist. Similarly, when one get proud and arrogant and thinks very high of themselves, they can't see clearly and this brings them down.


His Holiness Baba ji gave an example of how a few dogs arrived at a compromise never to fight again. But right then a piece of meat caused them to fight again. The true master wants us to become beacons of humanity.





The program also featured a song by the youths in the Phoenix congregation. Song's title is "aman pyar ke ae maseeha tumhe karte hain naman, kartae hain naman"


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