Report on Rev. Anoop Kumar ji's visit, July 2016

Written by
Aman Sareen

Rev. Anoop Kumar ji, Pramukh of the Sant Nirankari Mission, Minneapolis, Minnesota branch blessed the saints in Phoenix on July 23-24 2016. A welcome congregation was held at the Bhawan on Saturday evening followed by a the regular Sunday congregation. Following is the discourse by Rev. Anoop ji delivered Sunday, July 24, 2016.

There is no bigger religion than to see this God, always, everywhere and be with Him. We are listening about the Brahm Gyan from all saints here. Now that we have this God knowledge, we need to have its benefits. It is like I have had food now I'll have satisfaction, not to others. Brahm Gyan is not started by the successive Gurus of our mission only, but Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that even when this Sun, Moon, all creation was not there I gave this Brahm Gyan to Sun. On being asked by Arjun how is this possible, Lord replies that he was not talking about the body but the soul which is immortal.

Baba Nanak was in Baghdad when he saw a Maulvi doing Namaz, and asked whether he had seen God. Maulvi answered in negative. Baba ji said how their worship can be completed. Maulvi asked whether Baba ji could show God to him to which Baba ji replied, “yes". The Maulvi was excited to hear that and conveyed this news to the King. King called Baba ji and asked whether Baba ji could show God. Baba ji said yes. The king asked 3 questions. First question was: What was there before God? Baba ji answered, "Get some diamonds and count it". On reaching 10 counts Baba ji said he was counting wrong. On resuming counting Baba ji stopped him again on count 4. Resuming again Baba ji stopped him at 1 and asked what was there before 1. King said there was nothing before 1. So Baba ji said in same way there was nothing before this God. This Khuda has arrived on its own. Second question was: Where does God live? Baba ji asked for a bowl of milk and said there was something in milk. The king said he could see nothing. Baba ji said no get other bowl. Even in other bowls he said something is there. So in all successive bowl Baba ji said there is something in it but you can't see it is butter and there is a way to see this and the way is shown by a Guru. Third question that the king asked was “What does this God do?” To this, Baba ji answered: By which qualification you're asking this question, as a king or as a disciple. King said that I'm your disciple and so got down from throne. Baba ji said this is what God does. He makes some one up and someone down. So, the God blesses one and saves one from illusions of the world.

Once a man said he had nothing to take from Nirankar. Baba ji said he has nothing to take but give to Nirankar. This God have given us so many things so we need to be grateful to Him. We need to know where we are going. It’s like kids playing by seashore are creating lots of things by sand. When it is time, mom calls them and asks to come back. Where a kid would go if he doesn't know where his house is. Brahm Gyan is like knowing our own house where we belong.

Baba Nanak ji and Mardana were going through a Jungle and saw a big python whose body was covered by small ants and his blood was being sucked. Baba ji said that the snake was a saint in last life and exploited many people and the ants were people who were his followers. Now these ants are those people exploiting him back in this life. The one who offers body, mind and property to this Nirankar is relieved of all stress in life. Once Rev. Prof Puri ji said that biggest enemy of sangat is time. When a soul is immersed in having God knowledge time stops us from doing so. If you see, even the greatest of the great emperor gets sorrow and has to suffer, but the one having God knowledge is always in bliss. The bondages limit our lives and create lot of illusions.

Once Mata ji was telling story about a newly wedded girl who came to her in laws first time. The cat was disturbing the mother-in-law so she put a basket over cat. After few years, when she became mother-in-law she too put a cat under basket thinking it was a custom when a newlywed girl comes to house. This is how we are getting trapped. How to get rid of such bondages? It is 'Naam' that is name of God 'Nirankar'. When we are attached with this Naam we are free. Pujya Mata ji has ordered us to make Sangat a priority in life. It makes life even richer.

Worry is like carrying baggage in hands while travelling in train and claiming that we are trying to give less weight to the train. Nobody knows when one dies. One has to go alone. Thus one should always be in the divine rememberance of this formless God. With God Knowledge, we also get sewa, sumiran and satsang. This is how important Brahm Gyan is. Biggest surprise of the world is that despite seeing everyone dying we think we won't die. A Brahmgyani is always amongst us.

When this mind goes to maya it loses its way but when it comes back to sangat it again starts feeling bliss. The one who makes you in connection with God is complete and one should be in his company. I pray that each saint is attached with lotus feet of Sat guru.

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