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Manav Ekta Diwas (Human Unity Day)

Written by
Aman Sareen

On April 23, 2016, saints from Phoenix branch of the Sant Nirankari Mission gathered at the local United Blood Services facility to donate blood. They encouraged everyone during this process believing in Babaji's message that "Blood should flow in viens and not drains".




On Sunday, April 24, 2016 the saints celebrated Manav Ekta Diwas at the bhawan premesis. Kids and youths gave speaches talking about the life of Baba Gurbachan Singh ji and sang devotional songs. Additionally there were devotional songs and speaches by adults that also talked about Baba Gurbachan Singh ji.

During his discourse, Baba Hardev Singh ji said:

Today we've gathered for Human Unity day in an effort to strengthen human values for which saints have sacrificed a lot. We're remembering Baba Gurbachan Singh ji who, along with Chacha Partap Singh ji laid down their lives for the sake of humanity. What we see as a contribution to the mission is truly a contribution to humanity. He took upon the responsibility of leading the mission on the direction of his Satguru. He stressed on the need to keep improving one's own actions. He gave pace to the spread of the mission - the message of truth. He worked to emancipate society from lowly bondages with rituals and social evils like intoxication, dowry etc. He worked day and night so this message could reach one and all. He knew the importance of discipline to accompany the rapid growth of the mission. In that same effort, he organized conferences in 1965 and later. Many decisions were taken with improvement of the country in mind. In 1973, the Mussoorie conference lead to elaborate organization of the mission so society could be saved from social evils. While some decision were taken for individual family, some others were for society - like the one about refraining from intoxication that was so much needed at that time as He saw how society was losing its youth in drugs. He also picked up dowry because at that time it was a major concern that destabilized families. His decisions were always towards taking responsibility and making the society a better place. He wanted to save his disciples from any harms. He wanted his disciples to progress both spiritually and socially. In the annual budget meeting held recently, these very issues were brought up again, even though Baba Gurbachan Singh ji had issued his directives on this long back. For example - the need to have simple weddings in day time instead of at night. If we are to show our dedication towards His mission, we need to do what He really wanted us to. Society keeps a close watch on our every action, we're always under observation - we are tallied against our words, are we walking the talk?


Baba Gurbachan Singh ji worked encouragingly for spreading the message of the mission. He uplifted his disciples and strengthened their minds. No prophet has been able to give the message of truth without any opposition from the world. We know what guru Nanak Dev ji had to listen to when he spread the message of truth- he was called wayward, kaafir , etc. But those great prophets didn't shy away from this difficult path and kept on working on their sacred ideals.


The mission also saw these difficult time. But we never saw His spirit weaken due to all these troubles. He kept encouraging all to be loyal towards the country. He discouraged them from building any walls of caste, community, religion etc. Instead he wanted us all to bring down these very walls. He gave the divine knowledge and the associated five pledges, called for submitting our body, mind and wealth. We see how feelings of belongingness to material wealth and body are a cause of most of the troubles in the world. We took the first pledge before taking divine knowledge. But later on we relinquished this pledge after taking the divine knowledge. What good will that divine knowledge be? All the saints and sages stayed put on their path despite numerous troubles that came their way. If we can live by those principles, we can be on that path of the mission.


Even in other countries, he gave the same message. Pujya Rajmata ji accompanied Him in every step. We know what pains they went through. And it's all because of that hard work that we're able to talk about NIS today. He laid the foundation of this. He was the one who went across the globe and spread the message of truth. And today, we see disciples are so devoted in the same path. They keep working tirelessly to make these events successful. After Mumbai Samagam concluded this year, we had a big blood donation camp - this year we set up a blood bank - this was His own dream.


I was just notified that today the volume of blood in a single camp has reached a record 1700 units. The idea is not to make records though. The purpose is just to contribute. If the contributors are increasing, purpose is getting served. In Toronto, they held a Humanness Blood drive on 22nd. I pray that this enthusiasm remains intact across the world. When people who donated blood and were asked about their experience, they said they were looking forward to the NIS2. As we remember the sacrifices of Baba Gurbachan Singh ji, there've also been so many saints who sacrificed their lives too for the sake of the mission. And how, after those sacrifices, the families stood faithful to bear the loss - because after these events, families have to listen to various talks about their faith. But the families remained faithful. This way, even these families played their part and no one can forget their contribution too. May our faith remain steadfast.


We're remembering the contribution of Rajmata Ji, how she worked tirelessly for the mission, how much she sacrificed. Many saints often measure the contribution in terms of years. When I look at myself and compare it against the contribution of Rajmata ji, I stand nowhere close to it. I only pray that all the disciples keep working towards the dreams dreamed by Baba Gurbachan Singh ji, Rajmata ji and many other saints. They raised various slogans like Religion Unites, Never Divides. May we work towards those making those slogans a reality. May the world be tied in the bond of universal brotherhood so that this world becomes a peaceful?  This love and cooperation is needed to make this world a paradise. May all respect each other, may no one be exploited, and may they keep strengthening others.