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Christmas Program in Phoenix, Arizona. December 2019.

Written by
Aman Sareen

This year the saints in the Phoenix area celebrated Christmas over a 2-day period. A program of picnic and sports were organized on Saturday, December 21 and on Sunday, December 22, the youths shared their thoughts in the form of speaches, devotional songs, power points and round table discussion on the topic of how the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Air, Ether and Fire relate to spirituality.

Saturday morning all saints in the Phoenix congragation gathered at a local park to participate in a picnic and sports event. The youths enjoyed playing basketball and football, while the young kids jumped around and played on a playway in the park. The adult also enjoyed playing badminton. The elder saints took inspiration from the youngest of the kids and enjoyed a few rounds at the swings in the kids play area. Later the elder female saints also participated in the sport of Jenga.

Picnic program on Saturday, December 21, 2019

On Sunday, December 22, the youths shared their views on the topic of how the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Air, Ether and Fire relate to spirituality. A short video of a previously held NYS in the presense of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha ji Maharaj was shown that set the background of how the five elements came into existence. A brief summary of how the youths explained the 5 elements is as follows:

  • Earth – Earth provide and nurtures. It has lot of diversity in nature, the different living being on it. This diversity makes earth beautiful. Similarly we see diversity in cultures where people speak different languages, wear different clothes. This is what makes us all beautiful. Saints always respond with teachings of mission whether they get treated positively or negatively.

  • Water – Human body is 75% water and it remains healthy if we get adequate water. Water can adapt and adjust on the vessel it is in. It freezes when its too cold and turns to vapor when too hot. Similarly, saints are a beacon of calm and peace and adjusts to the situation they are in. Water quenches thirst without discriminating against anyone. Similarly, saints treat everyone with love and does not discriminate on any basis. Sometimes God takes us into troubled water not to disturb us but to clean us.

  • Air – Once Satguru Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharaj visited a café on a mountain top where there were oxygen cylinders charging money for it. Imagine if God charged us for the air we breathe in. So we should be grateful to Nirankar for giving us the air. Air is within and outside. Air is clear and clean, which our mind should be, clear and pure, and filled with teachings of our Satguru.

  • Fire – Fire represents energy and anger. Just like how anger and ego rooted in us can cause destruction, fire can cause destruction when used negatively. Fire also represents love and passion. Love is patient, love is kind. It is not self-seeking, it rejoices with the truth, always perseveres, never fails. Saints have love for fellow beings and passion to serve the Satguru.

  • Ether – Ether is the most subtle of the 5 elements and is also referred to as space. It’s the emptiness. Its the space from which vibrations emerge, it’s the medium through which any waves travel. Ether brings tranquility but also turbulence. Like the Nirankar, Ether has no limit and its not possible to contain it. It exists in the body and allows growth to take place. Ether is the creation of the omnipresent, form within the Formless, finite within this Infinite Nirankar.


Two members of the Church of Latter Day Saints also visited the Phoenix congregation and shared their thoughts on the occassio of Christmas. Sister Judy read a text from Bible detailing the scene of the birth of Lord Jesus. Mr. Wilford shared how Jesus taught to love everyone and the love he felt when he had a chance to visist Bethlaham, the birth place of Jesus.

Towards the end, Santa and his 2 little helpers carried a little baby in the cart. Everyone was filled with joy and love seeing the innocenct depiction of love by the kids.

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The video recording of the entire program is split into 3 parts and can be seen by clicking the following links: Part-1, Part-2 & Part-3