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Christmas 2014 Celebration by Phoenix sangat, USA

Written by
Aman Sareen

Christmas teaches us to help others and be loving to others. This year, members of the Phoenix branch of Sant Nirankari Mission celebrated Christmas with the intent to expand its reach to the community and have a bigger impact than ever. They started preparing for the event a few months in advance, reaching out to other religious and spiritual organizations in the valley.

This year the Sant Nirankari Mission Phoenix branch organized a "Festival of Harmony" Open House. It comprised of many events like poster and 3D models by kids and youths where they expressed their views on Peace, Kindness, Humility, Unity & Harmony. One member of the group had a push button sticker on him and when pressed he would share his views on the topic he was assigned. The other kids also explained their 3D models and posters when visitors came to their stall.

This year, the Phoenix branch contacted United Blood Services, a local blood bank to provide a mobile vehicle at the premises of the Phoenix Bhawan. They reached out to neighboring churches and other organizations and invited them to participate in the blood drive. Members from the mission and a few members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints donated blood with great enthusiasm, keeping in mind the Mission's belief that blood should flow in the viens and not in drains.