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JULY 14-15, 2015


Summary of events on 14th July 2015:

After a gap of six years, His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharaj and Poojya Mata Sawinder Kaur ji, showered divine blessings in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on July 14 and 15, 2015. On arrival of His Holiness a welcome congregation was held in the evening of July 14 at Sant Nirankari Bhawan, Mesa, Arizona. In the beginning of the spiritual congregation, youth expressed their happiness on the sacred occasion by presenting a color full cultural program consisting of spiritual dances (Bhangra and Gidhha).

Rev. Nandlal Tahiliani (Phoenix Parmukh) and his wife Sheela Tahiliani
welcome His Holiness Baba ji and Poojya Mata ji on behalf of the Phoenix Sadh Sangat.

Phoenix youth peforming Bhangra upon the arrival of His Holiness.

Young saints showering flowers at the lotus feet of Divine Couple.

Phoenix Bal Sangat singing a song "We are the World".

Sisters of Phoenix Sangat perform Giddha (Punjabi Cultural Dance).

On 14th July 2015, in his discourse, His Holiness said:

Whether he lives in a palatial house or a hut, whether he is educated or uneducated, whether he is a laborer or a well-established business man, whether he is well placed career wise or a simple peon or clerk, a Saint always has this realization that the importance of his life cannot be measured by his worldly possessions. He knows that true value of life is in living a life full of love, humility, and a firm and unshaken faith in God Almighty. In reality life of every human being has its significance. The human life is a golden opportunity to attain God-realization and free the soul from the cycle of birth and death. While saints realize the true value of human life, yet the others waste it as they remain attached to the materialistic world. That is why the saints give importance to congregation (Satsang) and company of other saints. Satsang helps the mind to remain connected with the God Almightly. All the scriptures of the world consider the company of saints as valuable in all ages. Saints attend congregation, live in constant God-awareness and also render selfless service with their body, mind and assets. They look upon all their possessions as a gift of God and use them for the welfare of others.

"Wherever I go, whether in different states of India or different parts of the world, I see saints making efforts to deliver the message of Truth to the whole mankind; the holy congregations are increasing everywhere." Saints desire that none should remain deprived of the God-knowledge (Brahma Gyan). Saints such as Meera Bai ji, Sant Kabir ji and Bulleh Shah ji attained divine knowledge of God and connected their soul with the Supreme Lord. Saints desire that every human must take this step to know the All-pervading God in order to attain Salvation. And they also make their minds beautiful by imbibing the human values of love, brotherhood and selfless service to others. Today all the saints, young and old, gave the message of 'A World without Walls' which was also the topic of the Youth Conference held in Calgary.

"May God bless all so that they live their lives hued in the color of devotion and divine virtues of love, humility, large heartedness and tolerance and comfort the world with the cool showers of love and brotherhood."

Summary of events on 15th July 2015:

On the evening of July 15, 2015, the Holy Congregation in Phoenix was organized in the divine presence of His Holiness Baba ji and Poojya Mata ji. Guests from various faiths, spiritual and religious organizations attended the congregation. The Phoenix Sadh Sangat was blessed to host and serve saints from various parts of the country. Following in the foot steps of the Calgary Youth Samagam, the theme of the Phoenix Holy Congregation was also "A World Without Walls."

Mr. John Giles, Mayor of Mesa, Arizona commended His Holiness on the efforts the mission is making towards helping humanity and building bridges between people by organizing Blood and Food Drives.

Attorney Mr. Wilford L. Taylor from the Church of Latter Day Saints also praised the Mission on building love and respect in the community and in our youths.

Guests attending the congregation.

Guests attending the congregation.

Guests attending the congregation.

Mr. John Giles, Mayor of Mesa, Arizona welcomes His Holiness.

Attorney Mr. Wilford L. Taylor expressing his spiritual views.

Rev. Nandlal Tahiliani (Phoenix Parmukh) and Sheela Tahiliani thanking Baba Ji and Mata Ji along with accompanying saints for visiting Phoenix.

On 15th July 2015, in his discourse, His Holiness said:

Saints always pray for the welfare of the whole mankind as they consider mankind as their own family. Saints and prophets of all ages have spread this message of humanity, mankind, oneness, God realization, goodness towards one another, and living life full of love. The spiritual journey of a being starts based on these principles. The same message is being repeated in today's congregation. The message has had to be repeated because man could not easily adapt to these principles. The need of this age is not of uniformity but of Unity in Diversity among God's creation. This has always been the message of the Sant Nirankari Mission which is based on the message of all the saints and prophets from the past. Today mankind has been busy in following certain rights, rituals and dogmas. The essence of the teachings of saints and prophets is evaporating. That is why we see so much hatred in today's world and there is violence in thought, speech and actions of people. Saints desired 'heaven on earth' where we emit love and create an atmosphere of love and care for each other. This is only possible if there is love for each other and we shed narrow-mindedness and embrace each and everybody, irrespective of cast, creed, color, and nationality.

The human body is composed of five elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether. Our skin colors may be different but the five elements are the same regardless of where we are born, or what language do we speak. The message of oneness is that as we are all made of the same elements, we are all the same and one. Saints establish oneness with God and then give inspiration to others to be one with each other. That is why the topic for this congregation is 'Bridges and Walls'. The walls of caste, creed and color have separated us and created distances. However a bridge of oneness brings us closer. The nearness to other human beings becomes possible only when nearness to God is established. Our love for God almighty is proved when we share love with other human beings. When we fight with our fellow beings but on the other hand still claim that we love God and we are religious people, it negates our claims. God doesn't want his children to fight with each other. That is why saints often teach 'love all and hate none'.

The long distance among humans is travelled when man decorates the world with love. When he hugs others and does not look down upon others. Your ego is also reflected when you look down upon others. Ego and pride have not been considered good traits but bad by saints and sages of the past and present. When we look down upon others we create useless walls and distances. We don't realize that whosoever comes to this world will have to go back one day. So in this little life time that God has given us will we only have hatred, create walls and have ill thoughts towards each other? Is this our way of life?

We need to change our direction and this realization needs to come to all because life is so short lived. Let's beautifully decorate it with love, compassion and respect. Then only the life will be truly life. It is only this way, how our thoughts will be beautiful, our feelings towards each other will be beautiful and based on love. Then life gets its true meaning because 'if you cease to love you cease to live'. We should give life of love to our lives. That has been the message of saints and sages from time immemorial. They had this common message, of oneness, and brotherhood. Today also in this congregation this very same message is being conveyed by saints who are strong believers that this world should become a better place to live in. The distances should diminish and we should become one mankind. This is what is necessary that we all shed the narrow-mindedness towards each other and show respect towards each other so that we can have peaceful co-existence. Love is the fragrance and this fragrance should engulf all mankind.

May Nirankar (formless God) bless all that such realization takes place and all people living in different nations live as one, beyond the barriers of differences. The basic importance lies with what we grasp and adapt. I wish all the best to all and I pray for all of the mankind.

His Holiness Baba ji and Poojya Mata ji blessed the Sangat.

Phoenix, Arizona Sewa Dal with His Holiness Baba ji and Poojya Mata ji.

Summary of events on 16th July 2015:

On July 16, 2015, the Phoenix Sadh Sangat gathered to wish His Holiness and Poojya Mata ji farewell as they continued their divine journey onwards to Dallas, Texas, USA.

Sangat members seeking blessings from Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj at farewell.

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