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Woman’s enlightenment is a key towards Woman Empowerment.


Mumbai, March 11, 2019: 8 th March which is observed as International Women’s Day, Sant Nirankari Mission too realizing the contribution of women in nurturing family, society and Mission, dedicated this day to all the female devotees of the Mission.

In Mumbai, female proponent of Sant Nirankari Mission presided over the local level Satsang which was organized at the respective branches of Sant Nirankari Mission. Female devotees of the mission took a lead in Satsang preparation, arrangement and conduct. The main objective of organizing these Satsang were to create awareness among women about their role in creating spiritual awakening along with their other familial and societal responsibility.

It’s been years, women decorating their body but now it’s time to decorate their mind with humility, broad vision and sweet language.

The topic of the Satsang too was ‘contribution of Women Power in Sant Nirankari Mission’ and women devotees expressed their sincere gratitude towards Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj for entrusting them and choosing them as a medium to create spiritual awakening. They also oathed to live an ideal life as Jagatmata Budhwanti Ji, Rajmata Kulwant kaur Ji and Nirankari Mata Savinder Hardev Ji.