History | Baba Buta Singh Ji Maharaj (1873-1943)

"I sacrifice my all to the man who is eager, within and without to realise God."

Inclined towards God since childhood

The founder of the Sant Nirankari Mission, Baba Buta Singh Ji was born in the year 1873 at Village Hudwal, Distt. Kaimalpur (Pakistan) in the family of Shri Bishan Singh Ji and Smt. Mayawanti Ji. He had spiritual leaning from the very childhood and had developed a special aptitude for reciting Gurbani (holy verses from the Adi Granth).

Meeting True Master, His Satguru

On a day in 1913, Baba Buta Singh was singing at a congregation. With tears in his eyes, he sang: Mohan ghar aavo, haun karon jodariya (O Lord, come home, I humbly entreat.).Those sitting in the congregation were enjoying the delightful recitation. One of them, Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji, who was also listening to Baba Buta Singh Ji with rapt attention, noted the repetition of the above line.

Meeting with Avtar Singh Ji - Foundation of Sant Nirankari Mission

The Sant Nirankari Mission had its formal beginning on May 25, 1929, the day when Baba Avtar Singh Ji received God-knowledge from Baba Buta Singh Ji and joined him in taking the spiritual light to as many people as possible.The orthodox elements of the time did resist them but indirectly served to make the Mission known to more and more people.

The Last Journey

It is said that Baba Buta Singh Ji knew about his end. In 1943, he was convalescing at a popular tourist resort, Koh Murree (now in Pakistan). Some of his disciples were looking after him. He asked Baba Avtar Singh Ji to call other disciples also. When most of the disciples assembled, Baba Buta Singh Ji asked Baba Avtar Singh Ji to arrange for some white sheets, etc. normally required at the time of funeral.