History | Baba Avtar Singh Ji (1899-1969)

The Holy Meeting

On 25 May 1929 came the turning point in the life of Baba Avtar Singh, when he met his guru Baba Buta Singh in Peshawar. Ecstasy took hold of him and he was all praise for the Master and Nirankar, the Formless God all around. He surrendered himself completely to Baba Buta Singh Ji and announced that hereafter his life would follow the way as Baba Buta Singh Ji would lead.

He declared that he had found his destiny at the holy feet of Baba Buta Singh Ji. The latter was also happy because he found in Baba Avtar Singh Ji the kind of disciple he had been looking for, a person who would surrender his body, mind and material assets at the altar of divinity and be prepared to take the spiritual light to the masses and share the eternal bliss with those who were otherwise fumbling in the darkness of ignorance.

From that day both Baba Buta Singh Ji and Baba Avtar Singh Ji worked together. The movement gathered momentum gradually. As expected, they faced a lot of opposition from the orthodox elements, but this failed to deter them from the path of truth. The two were together for about 14 years. On many occasions, Baba Avtar Singh Ji's loyalty, sincerity, devotion and dedication towards his True Master and the Almighty was put to test. Every time, he proved up to the mark and won praise from the True Master.