History | Baba Avtar Singh Ji (1899-1969)

Childhood Days

Baba Avtar Singh Ji was born in a small village named Latifal in Jhelum District ( now in Pakistan) on December 31, 1899 in the family of Shri Mukha Singh Ji and Smt. Narayani Devi Ji. He was being brought up with due affection and indulgence, but when he was just 6 years, his father died after brief illness.

This untimely loss was a big jolt to the family. Then the responsibility of looking after the family gravitated to the shoulders of his mother Narayani. The little boy Avtar was entrusted to the care of Shri Nand Lal, a local priest, for education as there was no school in the village. In a short span of time he was able to study scriptures. As he grew, Avtar proved to be extraordinarily intelligent.

Family hardships made Avtar a very strong and determined person. When he was just 12, his maternal uncle Shri Narain Singh took him to Rawalpindi. In Rawalpindi, Avtar worked first at a hotel and then as a porter at railway station. There, he incidentally came in contact with Seth Sawan Mal.

Impressed by his honesty, integrity and hard work, Seth Sawan Mal employed Avtar in his bakery and eventually he made him a partner and handed over the whole unit to him. This was a step that marked the beginning of Avtar's life of determination and firm faith in goodness.