Community Services | Youth Empowerment

Modern age is an extremely competitive age and environmental stress is taking its toll of youth. In order to help youth overcome their shortcomings and be ahead in competition, Sant Nirankari Mission has started the Youth Empowerment programme since April 2007.

This programme has been very well received since it is being targeted at undergraduate level and those on the threshold of seeking employment and presently are in preparatory stages. In order to widen their horizon, the faculty comprises experts in their respective fields.

The curriculum for empowerment included, Personality Development, Career Counseling, Interview Techniques, Communication Skills, Moral Development and Awareness of Legal Rights and Duties etc. Above all, the youth is also exposed to Spirituality and its importance in our lives.

These programmes helped youth firstly knowing the vast variety of job opportunities available as well as counselling them in selection of the appropriate field in synergy with their attitude and mental frame of mind. The faculty has been interacted by many youths even after completion of such empowerment programmes as they found the curriculum extremely useful and practical and faculties provided excellent guidance for them.