Community Services | Health Care

Sant Nirankari Mission has embarked upon an ambitious program of universal health care, recognizing the need particularly amongst the poorer sections of society in the areas where medical facilities are inadequate or sometimes even nonexistent.

Keeping with the age old axiom 'Prevention is better than cure' the Mission organizes check-up camps for general health, polio prevention, anemia eradication (under Missions Anaemia eradication programme), and tuberculosis control throughout the year. In fact, in 21 camps held over the 2007-2008 calendar year nearly 67,716 patients were screened.

Another service camp the Mission focuses on eye health care. Beginning in 1988, in cooperation with Indian Government hospitals, the Mission organized doctors and eye specialists who could properly diagnose those with cataracts, which if untreated can cause blindness. In 2007-2008 over 915 operations were carried out, with the necessary post-surgery medications also provided.

Otherwise, the Mission provides eye examination, and the necessary lenses or glasses needed for correction in the cases of those who can not afford them. Lens and spectacles are given to thousands of people every year in the rural areas where the highest demand for these camps, surgeries, and correctional lenses exists.

Another dimension of the Mission's ideology is 'Service to humankind.' Thus, four charitable hospitals have been set-up in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Allahabad. As supplements to the hospitals, 167 charitable dispensaries (107 Allopathic, 58 Homoeopathic and 2 Ayurvedic), 13 mobile dispensaries, 5 dental care centers, and 3 physiotherapy centers are currently operating in India. More than 20 lakh / 2 million, patients are treated annually at these locations.