Community Services | Compassionate Aid

Continuing with the Sant Nirankari Mission's philosophy of offering selfless service to humankind is its aid in case of natural disasters or other calamities. After heavy flooding caused a loss of human lives and damage to shelter and property during August and September 2007 in Bihar, Orissa, Nepal, and Himachal Pradesh the Mission voluntary teams (Sewa Dal) came forward to help the most hard-hit and inaccessible areas.

They offered food, clothing, temporary shelters, and subsequent monetary assistance to those hardest hit to reestablish them selves after the disaster.

Similarly, the Mission set up a Relief Camp for Tsunami victims at Port Blair of the Andaman Islands. The camp was highly appreciated by the local government, functioning jointly for more than a year.

The two organized proper and respectful disposal of the dead, medicines and actions to prevent the spread of disease, and also services in reconstruction and development of the Tsunami affected areas. Over the years the Mission has offered aid to victims of earth quakes, land-slides, cloud bursts, and other natural disasters.

As a measure of charity and relief to needy sections of society, monetary and medical help is provided to the Handicapped, Poor, Widowed, Aged and other extremely needy cases. Monetary assistance is given on a monthly basis to many such compassionate cases.