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Hon Matthew Guy MLC at Nirankari Samagam - 15 Nov 2015

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Hon Matthew Guy addresses annual Nirankari convention in New DelhiLove is true wealth, let’s earn it and distribute it...

Posted by The Indian Sun on Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Indian Sun Newspaper

Sant Nirankari Mission - Delhi, India
November 15, 2015:
Love is a true wealth, lets earn it and distribute it to the world. Prophets never preached hatred,
then why do their followers, their believers hate each other and fight? Love never cause tension, only hatred does it.

This was observed here by His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji (Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission)
while addressing the first day’s open session of the 68th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam.

The 3-day Samagam is being attended by millions of devotees of the Mission
from across the country and many other God-loving people.
Thousands of devotees have come from other countries of the world including Australia.

Hon Matthew Guy – Leader of the Opposition, Victoria, Australia
was on tour in India and embraced this annual convention in Delhi along with
Ms Louise Staley (Member for Ripon) & Mr Vasan Srinivasan (Chair – CIAA)
where they spend an evening experiencing the ocean of love amongst millions of devotees
gathered to promote harmony in this world.

It was a great opportunity for Australian members of the mission to have an
Australian Member of Parliament represent them in this annual convention promoting world peace.
           ‘I was delighted to witness langar area (community kitchen) where free food is prepared and served in such big strength’ Matthew said in his address
from main stage offering his thanks to His Holiness for providing a real direction to people of this world
and guiding them to live as true humans who care for each other without any pre-conditions or judgments.
Delegation appreciated ongoing efforts of mission in Australia and globally
especially for development of world class Hospital in Delhi headquarters
where Australian doctors and nurses would also contribute their services in near future.