The Big Lunch In the West Midlands:

The Big Lunch In the West Midlands

The Sant Nirankari Mission West Midlands Branch joined in a National Initiative entitled the Big Lunch in co-ordination with the famous Eden Project. The Thought behind the Big Lunch was that people across the country sit and enjoy food together, thus creating friendship by breaking barriers. It has been suggested that there is so much on line networking going on, but we do not meet with the people who live next door to us!

The Mission was one of the few centres in Sandwell that officially celebrated this day. In the Mission sharing of food is common place and takes place across all the centres across the globe. This normally happens every time members congregate. John Rennings of the Friar Park Millennium Centre, was amazed when he heard that people prepare food every week for the whole community to benefit from. He was advised that the community kitchen is an important part of the Mission, allowing anybody desirous of food the opportunity to visit the centres and benefit from the hospitality.

The Lunch took place after the regular congregation and the members were privileged to be in the Company of Sister Joginder Kaur of Chandigarh, India on this occasion who neatly presented her thoughts in the concluding address. She informed the gathering that if we wish to take the message of the Mission to the world, we must first be satisfied with what we have received. If we lack understanding then such fractures in our knowledge must be repaired before we begin our communication. It was further suggested that the role of the spiritual master is to connect the soul with Nirankar and in so doing man achieves the purpose of his existence.

Satsang was concluded and the Big Lunch ceremonies commenced. The devotees had laid the tables with beautiful flowers and a banner had been produced inviting the community of Wednesbury to join in.

* * *