The Big Draw, UK: October 10, 2009

The Big Draw

Saturday 10th October was an eventful day for the Mission's West Midlands branch. The Centre was buzzing with eager blood donors and nurses from the National Blood Service. The local volunteers had set up a 'Coffee Morning' to serve free cups of coffee to the public passing by, and the young devotees had an opportunity to use their artistic flair to spread Satguru Baba Ji’s message of 'Unity in Diversity, Let's live in Harmony' through 'The Big Draw' event.

It all started with the young devotees' involvement in the 'Recycling Awareness Art Campaign' earlier in the year, which depicted the message of changing our inner and outer environment. The art boards attracted organisers from 'Sure Start' and the 'Priory Family Centre', who invited the Sant Nirankari Mission to take part in 'The Big Draw' initiative, which was organised by a charity called 'The Campaign for Drawing'.

Around 13 devotees met up at the Priory Family Centre based in Wednesbury and got stuck into the creative activities. Amongst them was the 'Come Unity Painting' where 500 local community members had left their mark on a 10ft canvas. The Mission's enthusiasts painted a white butterfly, and invited everyone to put their individual colour painted handprints on it to symbolise harmony through unity, an inspiration from the Symphony Hall event held in August. Another picture showed a heart with a lit candle to symbolise lighting a lamp of love - promoting the forthcoming festival of lights (Diwali).

The Priory Family Centre thanked the Mission for taking time out from its busy blood donation event to take part in the 'Come Unity' event and expressed a keen interest to visit the Mission's Centre on a Thursday evening.

* * *