The Mission at St. Luke’s Church, Wednesbury: September 12, 2009

The Mission at St. Luke’s Church, Wednesbury

Unity in diversity, is a goal for every single community in the global village we call earth. How we bring communities together, rising above racial lingual and cultural differences; how we stress upon the commonalities of mankind, leaving behind their dissentions; and how we celebrate our essential nature, is truly an endeavour that’s close to all our hearts.

Saturday, 12 September 2009 marked a unique event in the calendars of both the Nirankari Mission and St Luke’s Church. The cross-pollination that took place on a beautiful sunny day, will potentially yield a sublime harvest.

The musical matinee was organised by Brendan, from St Luke’s church, and supported by Surjit Dhami, from the Nirankari Mission. Harbans Singh ji, his wife Jagjit ji, and son, Preet; Rajesh Jassal, Sunil Mehta, Ricky Bhatia and Daljit Mehta also attended. Reverend Liz, accompanied by Brendan, took us round the Church hall and its surrounding rooms. Harbans Singh ji, the executive member of the UK branch of the Mission, on savouring the cosy ambiance of the church layout, prayed for the success of the event, and all those who contributed to it.

The medium chosen was music. People, from diverse back grounds came with many instruments, on which they created, concerted celestial sounds. The whole church was awash with the captivating sounds of meditative music. The gospel singers accompanied by the oboe, the choral singers guided by the pre-recorded piano, the soloists and group performers, all added to an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

The Mission’s musical representation, headed by Sunil Mehta, proved to be very successful. The whole Church followed his cue on many popular hymns. Such was the influence that there appeared to be only one community, singing the praise of one Almighty God, in one house of God.

* * *