Saints Using Social Media for Individual Accounts


Attention: Saints Using Social Media for Individual Accounts

It has been noticed that many young saints belonging to the Mission have their individual accounts on various Social Media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc. Sometimes, they upload certain material having direct bearing on the Mission and its activities. No doubt their intention is positive and they would like to call it as their Sewa to promote the Mission. But all said and done, such matter ultimately lacks authenticity.

In view of this, all the young saints of the Mission are advised to refrain from posting or streaming unauthorized content about the mission from individual accounts. We have already stated that the Mission’s own Website and other Official Pages on Social Media are the only authentic source for information relating to the Mission. As a matter fact, even the users of Social Media where the Mission’s Website has a link are advised to connect to the main website for the text of the matter.

All saints are also requested to refrain from posting any information related to mission which has not been published yet on our official website. Once it is published, the link to the news item on the website can be used and can be posted on any of the social media platform. This will help us to share only the authenticated content.

All concerned are, therefore, once again requested not to share unauthorized content from their individual accounts on social media, particularly Photos and Videos related to the Mission. Let us all make a positive contribution by rendering our sewa as per the vision of our Satguru.

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