Rev Laxman Rao Salunke Ji, Zonal Incharge Gwalior Zone Relinquishes His Physical Form and Merges With Nirankar

Rev Laxman Rao Salunke Ji, Zonal Incharge Gwalior Zone
Relinquishes His Physical Form and Merges With Nirankar

Laxman Rao Salunke Gwalior MP

Sant Nirankari Mandal’s Zonal Incharge of Gwalior Zone Rev Laxman Rao Salunke Ji left his physical form to be one with Nirankar at the age of 71 on 13th September, 2020 morning in Delhi. He was being treated in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi for the past some time.

Sant Nirankari Mandal’s President Rev Gobind Singh Ji, CPAB’s Chairman Rev K.R. Chadha Ji, Vice President Rev V.D. Nagpal Ji and Secretary Rev C.L Gulati Ji shared their heartfelt condolences.

Sanyojak Gwalior Zone Rev Pawan Kalra Ji shared that it is a great lost and Salunke Ji dedicated his life to spread the message of the Mission. He was blessed with the duty of Zonal Incharge on 27th June, 2019 by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

Rev Laxman Rao Salunke Ji was born on 18th October, 1949 in Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) in the family of Rev Madhav Rao Salunke Ji’s family. He received his primary education in Gwalior only. He was a professional in Homeopathy. He was a learned orator in Marathi, Hindi and English. His administrative work was also appreciated and he was connected to various social organizations.

You are born in was a God searing family which spiritual values, which was a vital reason for your getting connected to the Nirankari Mission in 1968. Your friend Rev Narinder Sharma Ji who was already connected to the Nirankari Mission introduced you to Rev Jagir Singh Ji who imparted the Divine-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) to you in 1968. You were so impressed by the teachings of the Mission that you immediately joined the Nirankari Sewadal of Gwalior Unit No. 126 and thereafter the same year you were blessed with the responsibility as the Sanchalak of the Unit.

In 1986 Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji blessed you with the responsibility of a Gyan Pracharak. In 1999 you were given the responsibility of Khetriya Sanchalak of Gwalior and Ajmer Zone. In 2014, you became the Central Pracharak and henceforth, you started spreading the message of the Mission in various Zones.

You carried every responsibility with dedication and devotion. The Nirankari history of Gwalior Zone will always mention your devotion to the Mission and your Satguru.

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