Nirankari Spiritual Movement Growing in Ireland: August 08-11, 2009

Nirankari Spiritual Movement Growing in Ireland

The Sant Nirankari Mission a global spiritual movement is growing day by day in Southern and Northern Ireland. Spiritual tour of Rev. H.S. Upasak Ji was organized between 8th August, 2009 and 11th August, 2009. First Satsang was held in Southern Ireland at LONGFORD, in a local community center hall, in which more than 50% audience were local Irish people. Upasak Ji delivered the message of His Holiness that Sant Nirankari Mission respects all faiths and helps every individual to achieve self-realization. The Mission does not believe in conversion but only drive to convert hatred into love, ego into humility and wants into contentment. A contented person is the happiest and richest individual, he said.

After the congregation local Irish community showed their interest and requested Upasak Ji that they would wish to organize a huge congregation next time. Upasak Ji said that he would request His Holiness on their behalf to come to this town with his blessings. Local Member of Parliament showed keen interest even though he could not join this time. In his message, he requested to pay visit to Irish Parliament in Dublin.

Another big Samagam was held in the evening of 8th August, 2009 in Dublin. Devotees gathered in large number and after the discourse of Rev Upasak Ji many seekers were united with this Formless Nirankar with Divine Knowledge.

On 9th August, Sunday, on the request of Hindu Community Center in Belfast, a huge congregation was organized, it will be interesting to know that Northern Ireland is under United Kingdom and Southern Ireland is an Independent country, Belfast has seen decades of extreme violence and extremism between protestants and catholic Christians. The message of Sant Nirankari Mission of peace and harmony, respect for all, was, therefore, very much welcomed in Belfast. Hindu community center is situated right in the center of city in an ancient building. On arrival, Upasak Ji was welcomed by Acharya Gopi Krishan Ji (the priest of temple) by garlanding him. President of the Hindu temple Ashok Kumar Ji also welcomed him. Upasak Ji shared his discourse with the new seekers. Everyone listened with great interest. Despite two hours program everybody wanted Upasak Ji to continue. Giving vote of thanks, President of the temple requested Sant Nirankari Mission, Ireland and Upasak Ji to organize Nirankari congregation in the temple more often. Here again Upasak Ji said that he would convey their request to His Holiness to visit the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

On 10th of August, 2009 Satsang was held in Dublin Tallaght which was organized by Sanjeev Ji and Santosh Ji where again saints gathered in large number. Many of them were blessed with GYAN after the blissful discourse of Rev Upasak Ji.

* * *