Equality and Diversity Day Community: Social and Welfare Activity

Equality and Diversity Day Community: Social and Welfare Activity

Following on from a recent, multi-lingual regional Samagam in Stoke-on-Trent, this branch was approached by the local community with a request to participate in an 'Equality and Diversity' day at Newcastle-under-Lyme College in North Staffordshire.

This opportunity for sewa was actually an amazing 'spin off' from one of the personal guests who came to the Samagam. She has never attended even one sangat before, however, she had invited about 20 guests including her family, friends, managers, colleagues and students to the recent Samagam.

We were so happy and honoured to have been asked and having never had the chance to do an event like this before, we were eager to rise to the challenge and deliver Satguru Baba Ji’s message, as he requires. This was a wonderful opportunity for the Mission and a brilliant platform for such positive exposure for SNM.

The event was organised in conjunction with Strathmore College, Arden College, Regent College and Lindeth College and was officially opened via a ceremony with the Deputy Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Mrs Anne Heames, which was followed by an introduction by the Principal of the College and a representative from the Centre of Diversity.

Over 200 students with special educational needs (ranging in age from 16 to 23 years old) attended this unique day of activities to celebrate ‘Equality and Diversity’ along with their carers, lecturers and other guests.

The SNM team aimed to provide a range of elements in order to try to optimise the different ways information could be presented/displayed within the day to the students considering their verbal and non- verbal skills. These diverse range of materials included:

* A brief pictorial SNM exhibition /storyboard highlighting the diverse nature of the social and welfare sewa performed by members of the Mission (e.g., blood donation camps, charity runs, sports activities, musical events etc). We found that this was aesthetically appealing and grabbed people’s attention quickly.

* A publications stall of books, English songs CDs, DVDs as well as including pamphlets and books of brief overviews of the Mission’s history, summary of the 5 principles, 3 pillars and information on recent Social & Welfare events, Universal Target etc and direction to the nirankari.com website (which is a wealth of a resource in itself)

* Presentation to groups

* 1 to 1 interactions with areas to chat and discuss and promote community interaction

* Inform and provide invitations to visitors to next local sangat (Monday, 6th July)

Rev Dr Daljit Mehta (from Wolverhampton), a very learned and experienced devotee, was a key part of the team and provided a presentation of the Mission for the steady flow of visitors to the SNM stall. He provided a simple, clear and fun overview aiming to keep things light but yet still deliver the message of the Mission.

Amarjit Singh Chera (Parmukh of Stoke-on-Trent), ends this brief report by saying:

“The SNM team embraced the challenge of communicating the Mission’s messages to all these students and visitors and by Nirankar, Satguru’s grace, the 'Equality and Diversity' day was a positive experience for all. We are very grateful for this opportunity of sewa and we look forward to future events.”

* * *