Blood Donation Camp in United Kingdom: October 12, 2009

National Blood Donation and Health Awareness Day-2009 West Midlands, UK

Through the grace and blessings of His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, a national blood donation and health awareness gathering was held on October 12, 2009 within the United Kingdom at the West Midland’s Bhawan. The event was organised in line with directions from His Holiness by Rev Mahesher Singh Bhumbra (Executive Member Incharge Social Welfare) with the support of the national Social Activities Welfare Advisory Team (SAWAT).

The primary purpose of the event was blood donation targeted at portraying the message of His Holiness that blood is to flow in veins and not in drains. Furthermore, the event was aimed at remembering the lives and sacrifices of all saints and sages including the supreme sacrifice of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji.

In addition, the event was supplemented by health awareness activities which were used to project the importance of human beings living healthy lifestyles. The event proved hugely successful with Sewadal volunteers travelling from across the country including West London, East London, Bedford, Oxford, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Glasgow.

The enthusiasm to participate was further enhanced through the arrival of saints from Scotland who travelled many hours and hundreds of miles to fulfil the wishes of His Holiness and give their blood for the benefit of humanity. This truly demonstrated that saints are ready to serve selflessly in body, mind and wealth to fulfil the command of their spiritual Master.

The love and desire of all volunteers to fulfil their Master’s wishes was further highlighted in the huge response received to the event with 150 individuals registering and arriving with the aim of donating blood. Due to strict rules and regulations prescribed by the National Blood Service including resource, time and capacity constraints, 45 successful blood donations were possible.

However, despite many registered saints not being able to donate, the mood of all was very upbeat and joyous, for everyone felt that the intention to donate was there. Nirankar would accept the service of the saints that had dedicated their time and monetary resources to participate, irrespective of whether they were able to provide a blood donation.

The health awareness aspect of the event included several volunteers from the UK congregations utilising the skills blessed upon them by Almighty Nirankar. These skills delivered activities such as dental screening, Indian head massage and Reiki treatment.

In addition, the event was supplemented by an all day exhibition which was used to project the Mission and this Universal Truth. This exhibition delivered a snap shot of the major exhibition which was projected across Europe in Innsbruck, Austria and the Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

The event was a major success due to the efforts of all saints who united together both over a six month period prior to the event and on the actual day of the event to work in unity and harmony. Furthermore, the support and love of the West Midland’s congregation was hugely appreciated both in respects to the planning of the event and through the provision of refreshments and community meal (langar) throughout the day for the whole community.

The support and dedication of the National Blood Service was also truly inspirational and hugely appreciated by Rev Mahesher Singh Bhumbra and the SAWAT team, especially the ongoing efforts of the local Blood Donation Team, who provided support and direction throughout the event planning stages and on the actual day itself. Theo Clarke, expressed his joy and gratitude on behalf of the National Blood Service for the efforts of the Sant Nirankari Mission by stating “it's nice to have contacts who are proactive!”

* * *