Text: New Year Message by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj


Saints, say with love, Dhan Nirankar Ji.

Happy New Year to everyone. May Nirankar bless that this new year brings a lot of happiness not just to us physically but the happiness, the bliss to our soul. And may we remember the vision of Baba Ji which was about oneness, harmony, universal brotherhood. This is what the Nirankari Mission is all about. And may we also remember the teachings of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj who wanted each and every person of this Mission, every follower, every devotee, every saint to become a lighthouse, who is not just a lighthouse in the sense of just giving directions to everybody but before that having that light in itself. Just like behind me is this lighthouse. We are in Kerala at the moment and here also behind there is a large span of just water, the sea which is also now told that initially it was the lighthouse that was only giving way, showing the direction through the light so that all the boats they could see where they have to go. So similarly may Nirankar bless us that the Sangat be the medium where we inculcate all the messages, the righteous messages and follow the righteous path and that with Sewa, Simran and Sangat the three S’s that we know. May Nirankar bless us that we are very dedicatedly doing what we need to do and having the correct reason behind it. Not just coming to Sangat because we have been told to but because we know why. And may Nirankar bless us that our every day, that every moment we can do Simran be it at work, be it at home, be it at anywhere that we are and similarly Sewa too. May Nirankar bless us all that we can take the message of the Nirankari Mission to every person who we interact to in our lives.

Saints say with love, Dhan Nirankar Ji.

*   *   *