Bal Samagam, Montreal: February 06, 2010

4th Annual Bal Samagam in Montreal

With the divine blessings of His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, the Montreal branch of Sant Nirankari Mission Canada held its Fourth Annual Bal Samagam on Saturday February 6, 2010.

The theme of this year’s Bal Samagam was “Realization…Let’s Live in Harmony”.

It is an on-going effort and commitment to ensure that the children of the Mission are exposed to and taught about the ideals and values of the Nirankari Mission. The Bal Samagam gives the children an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings through speeches, songs, dances, plays, skits, etc… and it was with this goal that the Bal Samagam was held.

A beautiful Ardas to Nirankar was conducted by Young Saint Aakarsh Saini Ji on behalf of all the participants. He officially welcomed everyone to the 2010 Bal Samagam and asked everyone for their Blessings and to give the participants strength and unfiltered devotion.

During the course of the Bal Samagam, there were a few solo items presented, where the young saints shared stories, sang bhajans or spoke about a specific topic.

The group presentations were focused on the following:

Devotional Song: A musical presentation where the children were either dressed as flowers, stars, the moon, the sun or as someone who is a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. Composed by Rev. Mrs Varinder Noul Ji, the song expressed gratitude for celebrating Bal Samagam. It expressed how the children of the sangat are the seeds that are being nurtured by the values and virtues taught in the Sangat. The song prayed to Nirankar to continue to shower our children with his choicest blessings, and that they continue to serve the mission and this world with selfless love and sewa. It also asked for blessings of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharaj to celebrate many more Bal Samagams in the future in order to continue to commemorate the virtues of Love and Universal Brotherhood.

Play / Skit: With the theme of the Bal Samagam being Harmony, this skit beautifully narrated the story of how 2 people, each from their own respective side, come across each other on a bridge that is so narrow, that only one person at a time can cross it. When both people were unwilling to budge and let the other one pass before them, then it ultimately leads to no one getting his way, and they both ended up falling over the bridge. However, there was one scene where the child tried to find a compromise, and he therefore crouched down, so that the other could cross over him. The narrator explained that the child who crouched down not only saved himself from falling over the bridge, but also was able to get across the bridge. Thus humility was the key to success in this scenario, whereas an unwillingness to cooperate and compromise lead to the demise of the others.

Musical Skit: The harmonious blending of two or more musical notes at same time leaves us with a feeling of joy and harmony. When all musical instruments work together, they make pleasant music that is soothing to one’s ears. However, when we all decide to play our own notes, and not together with others, then the result is chaos and confusion. In this world we are all unique in our own way, but when we all sing the same tune of love and brotherhood, then this world becomes a better place and one that is more harmonious. The children who participated in this skit played various musical instruments and showed that when they all cooperate and play together as one, the results are harmonious.

Play / Skit: This skit depicted a story about a very frustrated and angry lady on a train. She was shown to get upset about the smallest things, and even treated her own children and others on the train very rudely, including an enlightened soul that was constantly polite to her. However, when an incident arises and the lady is in trouble, it is the very same enlightened soul that comes to her help and assistance. This touches the lady and she is surprised that, despite the rude manner in which she behaved with her, she still helped her out. The enlightened soul explains to her that this was due to the teachings of her Satguru, and thus this draws the lady towards the mission, and even asks the enlightened soul to take her to Sangat.

Jaggo Dance: To conclude the Bal Samagam, all the girls of the Bal Sangat participated in a beautiful Jaggo dance. The word Jaggo literally means to “Wake Up”, and celebrates our inner awakening of the soul.

Reverend Sister Shobhita Soor Ji gave the final benediction / vichar and congratulated all the participants in the Bal Samagam and asked for Blessings for them. She further elaborated on the topic of “Realization…Let’s Live in Harmony”, and stressed the importance of human beings, despite our differences, need to come together in harmony and live a peaceful and co-existent life.

* * *