Januaary 24: Maharashtra, Nasik -Message to Mankind 53rd Maharashtra Samagam

Januaary 24: Maharashtra, Nasik -Message to Mankind 53rd Maharashtra Samagam



The 53rd Sant Samagam of Maharashtra is being held here at Nashik this time. What is being mentioned here is not different from what saints have mentioned since ages. If this world is so beautiful then humans residing in it should also lead life as humans. If the physical body is of a human then human values should also exist. If this world needs love then why do we give place to hatred in our heart? Where our intent should be to wipe others tears then why do we hurt them? We need to focus on our own self.

Since ages, many saints have lived on this land of Maharashtra. The same teachings are being repeated here in the Samagam today. In this world, we have raised a wall within ourselves. This wall should be demolished and a bridge of love should be built so that it connects one heart to the other. There are so many variations in people; their language, culture and attire yet the same God exists in everyone and He needs to be realized. When we realize our true identity upon realizing God then we start our devotion. Then devotion will not be a task.

Anything we do while fulfilling our worldly responsibilities, it will be a part of devotion. If we take every breath in remembrance of God (Nirankar) then in every breath there will be devotion. We need to start with our own self and become a better human being. This enlightenment in the form of God knowledge has changed our life and we need to spread it everywhere.”

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