An Article 'What is Satguru?' by Silky Katoch, Ontario, Canada

What is Satguru? by Silky Katoch, Ontario, Canada

First, let's look at the word, 'Satguru'. 'Sat-': meaning 'Truth' And '-guru': a combination of two Latin words 'gu': meaning darkness 'ru': meaning light So Satguru means bringing humanity from darkness to light through Truth. Or simply, 'True Master'. Since times immemorial, the True Master has always been there in every age of human evolution. Whether he was known as the 'Satguru' to the world or not was up to him. But he HAS always been there. Watching, living, teaching. In times of great dispute and/or the descent of humanity into despair, hatred, war, Satguru revealed himself and once again set us upon the path of Truth. Showing us how to live as true human beings through stories and teachings and by example. So, how do you know who is THE Satguru? Because there are so many gurus out there, people are confused as to who is the 'True' Satguru. One way of finding the Satguru is how she/he portrays her/himself. When looking at Baba Hardev Singh ji, talking to him, listening to him, what do you feel? One can say that when they come into his presence, they feel a sense of bliss. That when they talk to him, they see him as humble, kind, tolerant, loving, peaceful, and many other attributes. That when they listen to him, the Knowledge of God is given freely. And when they see him working, that he is devoted to God and his followers. He also teaches the Value of YOU. What I mean by this is that he teaches us how to worship each other, and by doing that, we are worshiping God. Because Baba ji can be there for every Satsang in the world, he has given us common people his place upon the stage. And that is what my Satguru is: Humility. Kindess. Patience. Tolerance. Devotion. And LOVE.

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