Mukti Parv Article by Virender Kumar, Bangalore

Mukti Parv by Virender Kumar, Bangalore

For a true devotee, every day is Mukti Parv. He is free from all worldly bondages and leads life in remembrance of Almighty God. However, Satguru has kept this special day so that we can take inspiration from saints who devoted their life to the Sant Nirankari Mission. The scriptures declare that the human birth is an opportunity to realize God. However, people get so entangled in worldly affairs that they never think about the spiritual aspect. Only when the True Master comes in our life, do we realize what God is, what is salvation and what is the essence of spirituality. What is Mukti (or Salvation)? How and when can it be attained? Why do we need to even think about it? How can we prove that it can be achieved? These are some of the questions which come naturally to our mind when we talk about Mukti. Mukti or Salvation may be defined as the state where the soul has realized the Super Soul and the mind has been freed from all delusions and bondages. When we realize our true Self, our real identity, by the grace of True Master, this state can be attained without any special efforts. Saints have shared their experiences in the scriptures from which we know about this state and how it can be achieved. One has to become Mukt while he is in this physical body. Since they were able to attain this state, it also proves that it’s achievable. We’ve got this human birth to attain salvation and free ourselves from the cycle of birth and death. This is the most important goal of our life. Sant Nirankari Mission is filled with examples of saints who served the mission and humanity with spirit of selfless service. Having attained this state, they embraced one and all. The goal of this mission is human upliftment through spirituality and they contributed in this by spreading the message of truth to all corners of the world. Humanity will be eternally indebted to this mission and these saints for their contribution. Let us, the Youth of the mission, also pledge that we will do everything to take its name even higher. Let us value the sacrifices made by our elders who have given us such a strong foundation. Let us try to love everyone who comes in our contact. Let us soar to spiritual heights and be forever MUKT.

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