Yes, We Are Blessed by Narinder Bawa, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi, India

Yes, We Are Blessed

by Narinder Bawa, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi, India

Out of billions of creatures living on this earth, only human being has the mind, intelligence and the power to rule over other creatures. And thank God, we are born as human beings. Yes, we are blessed.

Millions of human beings are living on this earth. Maximum percentage of these human beings is not enlightened with ‘Brahmagyan’. We belong to those ‘few’ enlightened as we have been chosen by Babaji as his devotees. Yes, we are blessed.

It is also a matter of blessedness that we are born at that time when True master is known to the world. Yes, we are blessed.

Also, we are living in that land, (India), which has been chosen by True Master as His ‘Karambhoomi’. Yes, we are blessed.

We all are given chances of becoming witnesses to the Golden Pages of the History - the Golden Jubilee Samagam, celebrated and enjoyed by the followers in 1997, the marriage ceremonies of Holy Sisters (Sister Samta Ji - the eldest daughter of Nirankari Baba Ji on 13th of November, 2000 and Sister Renuka Ji – second daughter of Nirankari Baba Ji on 19th November, 2004). We will also witness the marriage of Sister Sudiksha Ji - the youngest daughter of Baba Ji on November 25, before the forthcoming 58th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam on November 26, 27 and 28, 2005.  Yes, we are blessed.

After 100 years, when history of Sant Nirankari Mission will be written, our successors will read the instances which are now witnessed by us. Yes, we are, blessed.

Let us thank Lord Master for pouring His blessings on all of us.

* * *