Worls-A Spiritual Gymnasium by Poonam Nirankari, India

Worls-A Spiritual Gymnasium

by Poonam Nirankari, Rohini, Delhi, India

Gymnasium is a place where one goes in for doing exercises to become physically strong. The world we live in,is a forum for all human to develop spiritually. Our family members, the society, various events and circumstances are the tols and instruments for spiritual growth.

On realizing oneself as the immortal soul by the True Master and the Formless God, as an Omnipresent entity as one’s eternal abode, one is blessed with the wisdom to make use of the behaviour and relationships towards our fellow being.

During exercise, we don’t try to change or alter the machine or the equipment but our aim is to gain strength, so should be our attitude in all our duties and accomplishments of the world. We should be concious that we have to benefit in spiritual terms which is usually in the form of material/ worldly loss. Our purpose should be Divine excursion in all undertakings and tasks of day to day life.With this objective the other person may or may not be benefited,we may or may not gain any worldly accomplishment.

What Is spiritual progress? Realizing one’s true self as an immortal and ever blooming soul, living and working with this God-realization is the real spiritual progress. Spiritual awakening is performing worldly activities makes life easy, smooth and full of bliss and bounties.

Conciouss of Omnipresent Formless God at all places and points of time provides stamina and strength to the soul,illumination of mind with pure and noble thoughts,fills the heart with love and compassion.It adorns and glorifies life with Divine fragnance.

* * *