World in few Lines by Saurabh Grover, India

World in few Lines

by Saurabh Grover, Amritsar, Punjab, India

Life and death,

Will and aspects,

Love and hatred,

Life is hell, life is heaven,

When he gets all he needs, life is heaven, when he gets all he doesn’t need, life is hell. there's one more situation when, he is above all the needs, then is it hell or is it heaven??

As there is no such state or its death.

No body knows whats hell and whats heaven, love is life and life is love if life is love, then wheres hatred? If hatered doesn’t exisit, how existence of love can be felt, and if love does not exist, then how existence of hatred can be felt. So that means for existence of hatred love is present, or for existence of love, hatred is present, so are both helping hands?????

But actually only one can exist, love or hatred.

Man or any thing on this planet or other planets, all are living beings, nothing is non living or dead, if tree is living, are those flower or leaves on it are non living, ? Or stem is non living?? When system fails in it, water and minerals canot flow in it, and air stops moving in and out,plant or tree is dead. But is it dead??????? No!!

Any body, or any thing he see or he cannot see, includes of many bodies in it, hundred, thousand, 10 thousand, lac, crore, 10 crore bodies, he don’t have that eye to calculate one body is formed by together joining of so many bodies.

Blood, he see inside his body, pumped by his heart flowing all over giving feed to so many bodies in one body. Is that blodd non living?? So many living bodies together forms blood, which feed them selves to many bodies, so are they living or dead???

Is there love or hatred between all the living bodies?? Do they live in heaven or they are in hell?????

It is existence of all bodies smaller or larger, micro organism or macro organism. Molecules or atoms, it is existence all together without hatred without love.

So that means it is not just existence but co-existence. Only system is running and moving and showing different aspects.

If there is only co-existence, From where did he get into and for, will??Demand? Need? Greed?

These all are also love Love for many things, Love for getting things this includes both constructive side as well as destruction side Love for hatred, love for destruction.

Family love, loving every one as family. if he loves, how can he get hatred???

He will get love and love Which is life and heaven, Without distruction, with co-existence.

* * *