Why God? by Manisha Mirpuri, U.K.

Why God?

by Manisha Mirpuri, London, U.K.

‘Why god?’, I hear you ask,

Because He can challenge the impossible task.

Even though we know He’s here, He’s not in our single thought;

Yet still He takes mercy on us, despite knowing we’ve forgotten everything we were taught.

He’s the reason that were living, standing here today,

He’ll always be there with a helping hand, come what may.

He’s here, there and everywhere, He hears everything we think,

He’s given us our Babaji, to God our only link.

God knows us inside and out, how strong we are and how weak;

He is the perfect role model, which in this world is truly unique.

He is formless and colourless, yet we see his glowing smile,

Although we do not appreciate it, to Him his every effort is worthwhile.

We don’t remember Him when we’re happy, and when sad His identity we question,

He looks down on us, and attempts to re-teach His only lesson.

He’ll never let us down, yet still each time we wonder,

‘Will God save me from this storm that I’m under?’

He forgives our every mistake, to each sin turning a blind eye,

When we compare Him to ourselves, His level is so high.

He’s given us our friends and family, so we can show love;

But even about them ill-fully we think of.

So why should you chose God and bow down to His shoe?

Because, out of all the people in the world, God chose you.

‘Why god?’, I hear you ask

Because He can challenge the impossible task.

* * *