Who is God? by Shekhar Verma, Nrizona, USA

Who is God?

by Shekhar Verma, Nrizona, USA

We hear lot of descriptions about GOD and still the present human is not satisfied completely. This is just because of the ignorance in him. By ignorance, our great saints meant "Not Knowing Self".

GOD is the name given to the state of mind a human reaches in his quest for knowing the truth, where there is permanent Happiness thereafter and no material attachments can move him. This state is attained with a strong discipline in life and great practice which can be attained through a proper scholar or teacher. Each and every individual has a right to reach that state (which already the great saints of India had reached and then started their preaching’s) and enjoy the permanent Happiness. If a person goes to temple regularly every week, listen to sermons there regularly without fail and if he still does not follow those preaching’s in real Life, then that's not called discipline in life. One must always think that the human body is material and temporary and the Soul is eternal and permanent.

One must learn to respect others and believe that the ignorance lies in the fact of not knowing Self and thinking that this present body is "ME or I". One must thoroughly follow what Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj means by GOD and strive hard to reach that state which great people named it as GOD.

Even though today's science cannot explain about this concept of state of mind called GOD, it is coming close to explain it and someday Science definitely merges with Religion by explaining this concept. One must strive hard to get all the five senses in their control rather than the senses controlling them. That's what our great saints meant when they said GOD is nowhere but in YOU.

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