Where I Stand?




- Ricky Wadhwa, Calgary, Canada


I was a kid when I took this God knowledge, " The Brahm Gyan", I didn’t understand too much of it except for when my parents asked me, "Ricky, where is Nirankar (God)?", I used to wave my hand around all over the place. Now it feels good that yes I had the understanding of where this God existed and still exists.


Movies always guided me to point upwards in the sky where I could see nothing but the white color clouds and the bright sun which almost made me blind if looked at it for even 2 seconds. That’s where I used to think God resided, and probably he has a palace up there with gazillion rooms in it and one day when I am no more I will reside in one of those rooms.


I started coming to Sangat (Congregation) gradually not because I loved to listen to what the saints said, but my lovely friends was who I came for. We used to sit in a separate room for BAL Sangat (Kids Congregation) and all we did was pinch each other or crack jokes softly. Believe me it was fun but I did learn how to sing praises of this formless LORD.


Slowly, week by week, every Sangat I used to see these saints who were sweating, not worrying about the scorching heat, cleaning shoes with a piece of cloth and some polish. It got me thinking as to what and why they would be doing such a thing when they had the opportunity to go and sit in room with air conditioning.


It was Sewa, I learnt. My parents and lots of other saints around told me to do Sewa and that it would help me in life. I got into the routine of cleaning shoes myself and making sharbat, stuff that a 13 year old could do. Believe me I would still want to stand by my friend who I could crack jokes with when there was no one around.


All these baby steps led to me to where I stand today. With Nirankar’s blessings and the path which saints like you have guided me to be on is a lovely one. Bliss is what I am living with. Nirankar is holding me up tight in his grip and I have no fear except for his.


* * * * * * *