What are you greedy for by Priya Kapoor, Delhi

What are you Greedy for?

by Priya Kapoor, Delhi

One bright sunny morning, a lady comes out of her house & while she strolls through her garden, she sees three old men sitting on the bench.

These three men are dressed in white, have white hair & a long white beard!

Seeing the old men, the lady feels concerned and with utmost respect says,

"You might be hungry or thirsty, please come inside and I shall feed u some food or water".

One of the three men - "Is the man of the house inside?"

Lady - "No! My husband has gone to office and will be back in the evening"

Old man - "We will only come in when your husband is in the house"

In the evening, when the man of the house is back from office, the lady tells him about the old men and they decide to invite them to their house.

Lady - "My husband is back, you can now come inside"

The old men decide to give their introduction to the lady.

One of them initiates saying," On my right is Mr. Wealth, on my left is Mr. Happiness and I'm Mr. Love.

The three of us cannot come inside together. Please discuss with your family and tell us, which one of us do you want to invite."

The confused lady runs back to her husband explaining him the same.

Husband - "Wow!! No second thoughts...let's invite wealth and there will be so much money in our house"

Lady - "Hmmmm...Let's invite happiness, we all will be so happy always"

Their daughter - "No..No! I think we should invite love"

"Okay" say the parents; we shall do as our daughter says.

The lady goes to the three men and requests Mr. Love to come inside the house.

Now...as love gets up and starts walking into the house, wealth and happiness follow him!

The lady immediately says," I only invited Love...why are the two of you also coming in?"

The old men say," If you had not invited Love, then either Wealth or Happiness would have come in your house. Since you have invited Love, Wealth and Happiness follow him.

If there is Love in your house, Wealth and Happiness are bound to knock your door."

And the lady is thrilled as her house is full of love, wealth and happiness.

So...one should always be greedy for more and more love, as money only makes the world go round and happiness too keeps hoodwinking man! If there's love...there's everything!!

* * *