Well Wishers by Manish Wadhwani, India

Well Wishers

by Manish Wadhwani, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

In truth we are all dissatisfied with our life. We all have to face adverse problems and situations. We make persistent endeavors to make circumstances wholesome throughout life. The status quo, however, stays on. Serious and discreet thinking over the basic cause of our failure and dissatisfaction would reveal that we have adopted an erratic style of life. In case we concentrate on changing ourselves, instead of changing our circumstances, we would achieve the cherished goal.

The process of changing ourselves does not mean an escapist attitude on life, but contemplating life as a test and a contest. If we are determined to succeed in life, we shall have to admit everybody around us as our well wisher. We would have to earnestly practice this art regardless of hostile and abusive attitude of any and every body. Only then we would sail through life comfortably. A philosopher rightly said that our foes teach us more than saints and enlightened personages. We should be grateful towards one who places thorns on our path. With such a perception we can remain satisfied even in adverse circumstances. A serious speculations on our domestic problems and hurdles would enable us focus on these issues, would dispel all our difficulties. Even stone blocks in our way can serve us as staircases. We can thus enjoy the relish of contented life.

* * *