We can Make a Difference by Harshita Chabbra, Delhi, India

We can Make a Difference

by Harshita Chabbra, Delhi, India

It was a bright and sunny day. A family was driving to the park for a picnic. The car was running smoothly, music and excitement was in the air. Suddenly, all the pleasure came to an abrupt stop! The car had broken down and had come to a standstill. Puzzled the family called a mechanic to analyze the machine. After a thorough examination the mechanic said that a tiny nut bolt was missing and may be it fell down along the journey. They were relaxed to find the nut bolt not far away lying on the road. Once again the family was happy and in motion looking forward to their wonderful day.

This shows the significance of the nut bolt in the working of the car. Similarly, we the youth, are considered as nut bolts of the mission. We are important to our mission as the nut bolts are to the car. We can also make a difference by our day to day small actions.

The very first action or service towards our mission starts from the smallest unit, that is ourselves. By attending the congregation of saints the gates of the saintly qualities are opened to us making us tolerant, loving, respectful, obedient and helpful to others. By putting these in action, all that we give to others is bounced back to us in many folds making our life a happy and satisfactory experience. When we are happy and content with ourselves it is then, that we think of the happiness which we have to give to the whole world and our love and selfless service to the whole mankind, by practicing what is preached in the congregation of our lord master. This impact is mind blowing, which leads us towards the point where the eternal happiness is attained.

If we sit in our home and think that we are too young, have no experience, are immature and that it is the duty of the elders to spread the mission, then we are highly mistaken. As one of the saint poets believed that when one has to sew a piece of cloth a small needle is needed. A sword being big, mighty and strong is of no use here. On the other hand it is indispensable in a battlefield, and the needle is of no significance there.

Isn’t it true that many bricks together make a building, many drops make an ocean, and big & small animals make a jungle! Thus, young and old saints together make a true congregation.

* * *