Trusting God by Arpita Chadha Kundal, USA

Trusting God

by Arpita Chadha Kundal, Michigan, USA

As we walk the path of life, we tend to develop expectations that are self-designed. A lot of these expectations have an aura towards fulfillment of materialistic wishes and being able to conform into a category that is socially similar to lifestyles of people who surround us. All saints who have taken birth upon Earth have strived to relieve us of this need to attach with societal expectations and rise above the normal day to day rut. A true "Gurmukh" has his face turned towards his Satguru for direction whether it is conducive or meets his own personal need or not-that is a true conforming saint in all true sense of the word "Gurmukh".

Destiny, much to an extent is acceptable if we surrender ourselves in Nirankar's feet. Nirankar knows what is best for us- so engaging our minds into analysis and planning is a futile effort. So much to say we need to comply with our daily responsibilities as we go about; however, immersing our minds in Simran.

God knows our deepest need. When we pray, the answer may not come because we are refusing to forgive someone or are controlled by an obsession, or we are seething in such anger that our holiness is corrupted.

If you are right with God and God delays the answer to your prayer, don't misjudge Him. Don't think of Him as an unkind friend, or an unnatural father, or an unjust judge, but keep at it. Your prayer will certainly be answered, for "everyone who asks, receives". "Pray and do not cave in. Your heavenly Father will explain it all one day. He cannot just yet because He is developing your character. "Forget the character," we say. "I want Him to grant my request." And He says, "What I am doing far exceeds what you can see or know. TRUST ME."

* * *