'True Worship' Article by Suchet Mehta

True Worship

What’s your religion,

What’s your race,

There are no such questions

In true master’s place


Come my dear child

Is all that he says,

And you are blessed

With his divine grace.


We talk of miracles,

He does it,

I say Pauper becomes the King,

Complete surrender is what it takes.


We pray and we worship,

His different names

But forget to realize,

This formless base


Know the God you worship,

True master reiterates,

And then you enjoy

His blissful embrace


I was wandering in wilderness,

Thought that’s where he stay,

To my disappointment,

I was on the wrong way


Delusion about God,

Says he stays far away,

Without divine knowledge

Human birth goes astray


True Master unveils the truth,

That’s when darkness fades away

You realize who you are

God in spirit that you praise.

* * *