True Hallmark of a Great Master by David Dhanoa, Canada

True Hallmark of a Great Master

by David Dhanoa, Canada

When I heard about this topic, I was in deep thought because like many of the youth who spoke before me, I don't remember anything about Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji. I was only a baby, so whatever I know about Him is from books and from the experiences of others.

Saints, the question of legacy comes in, and once again a lot of those rules were initiated by Baba Ji at that time, such as the social reforms of simple marriages. Where a lot of times in Indian culture, people go broke. In addition, prohibition of intoxicants such as drugs, alcohol, etc. Then the message of what everyone else talked about, of love and humanity, treating everyone equally regardless of caste, creed and color. A journalist once asked Baba Ji, "What is your Mission doing for this world?" Baba Ji humbly replied, "I'm giving the world a good human being." Saints, what does that mean, a good human being? We've heard so many qualities of love, compassion and tolerance. I was thinking of myself when I go to work on Tuesday morning. Just like that stream of water one saint's daughter was reaching over at, are these some type of things we like to keep for show or is this a reality for us? Is this something that is actually within us, or is it something we dangle so that others will say to us that these people are good, because they believe in goodness.

The question here for all of us, we've traveled so many miles to come here in hope that we get something. The thing is, is what we believe the bottom line? If you look at the legacy of all the spiritual Masters, you will see that what it means to be a good human being is something we are not right now. I was listening to a discourse by Baba Hardev Singh Ji the other day where He said that every being in the animal kingdom on earth eats, sleeps, procreates and fears things. He said that we are so engaged with these things, where is the time for liberation? In the night we sleep, during the day we eat, where is the time for spirituality? Saints, our Master doesn't speak that much, but when He does, isn't it worth it to us to listen? He's saying something very important to us that our priority is not God. Because the reality is that God for us is a means to our own end. We are happy with God when I get something done, my way, or when I get something. But the reality is, when I don't get what I want, then I fear God, and don't have a good relationship with Him. But spirituality, a good human being is someone who takes us beyond this.

A saint is a king, someone who doesn't desire anything, who accepts things as they are. Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and all the other saints and prophets taught me, that when I get up in the morning and I see someone needs help, I extend my hand. When I see someone who is sad, I can smile and make him or her happy. Because saints, these are jewels that don't just hang on a wall, this is our life. Because maybe someday, someone might say, "That guy is nice, what does he believe in, what does he do?" This is the way to attract people to the Mission. No matter how much we preach, if we don't do as Baba Ji wants, then the preaching will not be very effective.

* * *