To Pujya Mata Ji…With Love by Gurpreet Harjeet Arneja Canada

To Pujya Mata Ji…With Love

by Gurpreet Harjeet Arneja, Montreal, Canada

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."

They say that humans are created in the image of God. I believe that God’s most wonderful creation is a Mother. He has given her everything and she is complete in herself. Selfless in nature; loving and kind to one and all. She holds in her hands those emotions and qualities that keeps not only immediate families together, but extended ones as well.

Yet, what can be said about that great mother, who bears infinite love for all – small or great; rich or poor; known or unknown? The one who is working endlessly in bringing this whole world closer like one big family. Sawinder Kaur is one such mother. Lovingly known as Pujya Mata Ji in the entire Nirankari world, she is an ideal woman leading a practical life based on the teachings of the True Master.

Pujya Mata Ji, with her simple and elegant looks, has influenced everybody in one way or the other. Multifaceted by nature, she is playful among children, composed and straightforward among youth, and wise and respectful among adults. She is the kind, considerate, patient and forgiving mother of all.

Recalling some beautiful memories, I remember how gracefully she listened to a six year old girl in Edmonton, Canada when the girl pointed out to Mata Ji that she had not removed her shoes before stepping on to the carpet. Mata Ji smilingly took her shoes off and then proceeded forward. When the parents tried to stop their daughter from giving directives, Mata Ji only accredited the girl by saying she had done the right thing.

During one of her visits to Canada, I clearly remember when my sister in law had twisted her foot badly and she was not able to move even an inch. The very next morning she saw Mata Ji coming towards her with a glass of milk with Turmeric mixed in it (traditional remedy) in her hand. Mata Ji asked her to drink it so that her injury can be healed quickly. Time and again she shows by her actions that she is a loving, caring and kind mother to all.

In 2007, I had the blessed rare opportunity to go on tour with His Holiness Baba Ji and Pujya Mata Ji. We were travelling by road from Gujarat back to Delhi. In one large van we were eleven people aboard, and we were following the car that Baba Ji and Mata Ji were travelling in. It was a long journey back so we had to make a few stops here and there. I noticed that on one stop everybody quickly rushed out of their vehicles to stretch out their legs and follow Baba Ji. When I looked back to see where Mata Ji was, I was astonished to see her inside our large van cleaning up all the garbage that had been collected by us; some of us tried to go back to help her but by that time she had already cleaned everything. During the same trip home, when we reached Delhi, it was late and some of us in the van were getting hungry. To our delight, without us even having to ask for it, Mata Ji had organized the delivery of Dominoes Pizza straight to our van. Maybe that is why they say that sometimes a child does not have to say anything, because a mother always knows!

In February of 2009, His Holiness Baba Ji and Pujya Mata Ji were on a salvation tour in Rajasthan and I had another great opportunity to travel with them. After one satsang program, there was a very long namaskar line and I was standing next to the stage cleaning up. I observed one young man in the line weeping with folded hands. I overheard the conversation when he began explaining to Baba Ji that his father had passed away just that morning. When the namaskar line had ended, we all got into our respective cars and began to travel once again. I noticed after about thirty minutes that we were making an unscheduled stop at someone’s house. Some of us got out of the van to see where the Holy Couple were going. As I observed Baba Ji entering a very small home, followed by Mata Ji, I saw that this was the house of the very same young man who had spoken with His Holiness in the namaskar line. When I came closer to the residence, I looked through the window and saw Baba Ji consoling this young man and Mata Ji hugging the wife and mother of this young man. The two women were crying hysterically and Mata Ji kept patting their backs and handing them tissues for their tears. This made all of us observing from the outside very emotional. It was amazing to see how the Holy Couple took a two hour non scheduled stop from their busy tour in order to console this underprivileged and unfortunate family. I experienced first hand how a mother treats all of her children alike.

Very fortunate indeed are all of us who have benefitted, knowingly and unknowingly, from the love and kindness of our Holy Mother Pujya Mata Ji. Even though her busy schedule does not even allow a single moment of rest for herself, she is continuously rendering selfless service towards her True Master, her immediate family and to the whole of mankind. To the majority of people in the world it may seem as if she is quiet in nature, but the reality is that from the few stories mentioned above and from the thousands of, yet untold stories, Mata Ji is the proof that actions speak louder than words!

In the end, we pray to almighty Nirankar that our dear mother keeps smiling and blessing all her children as she has always been doing. Her blessings bring us comfort more than words can ever describe, so thank you Mata Ji.

GOD made a wonderful mother,

A mother who never grows old;

He made her smile of the sunshine,

And He molded her heart of pure gold;

In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,

In her cheeks, fair roses you see;

God made a wonderful mother,

And He gave that dear mother to me.

- Anonymous

* * *