To God: A Few Iconoclastic Images by Ashim Malhotra, USA

To God: A Few Iconoclastic Images

by Ashim Malhotra New York, USA

On the streets, I find wings:

sullied white, with jarred feathers still

attached to the rim, as if ripped off the beast

by a cosmic force.

Something wild about them, and timeless,

a strange magic, a heavy lightness.

Mesmerized, I glue the feathers on my back,

each a painful century,

each the eternal saga of pride.

Now a strutting peacock,

I flap and attempt to fly.

Soaring, I hit the street lamp and fall.

If only wings did not attract me so!

I hold your name sacred and

Pride myself in my faith.


walking on water

I forget my name

and yours.

Sitting at this table,

I eat your body and drink your blood.

I revel in your sacrifice.

But I betray you!

I betray you!

The blinded dove

cannot see the end of autumn.

* * *