Think Twice




- Tehmina Choudhary


A few days back I was watching television when I came upon an interesting program that provoked an inspirational issue. The program portrayed how people not only make a difference in their own lives but also impact others. One of the stories really grew on me, and I would like to share the story from the viewpoint of the man who had recited his experience on television.


"A few years back I was thrown off track from so called usual life schedule. I burned my hands in an accident and the doctors did not have any other options but to amputate my hands a little above the wrists. I did not know what to do after that; it seemed like there was nothing much else I could do. Life seemed immovable. I had a family, which made my disability seem devastatingly greater, depressing me even more. I really wanted to do something because I did not want to just waste my life away due to a disability. If mental disabilities do not stop the handicapped from participating in the world renowned events such as the Olympics, then I also had enough a chance to bring my life back on track.


I had an option of going out on the streets and begging for money like so many other people in our countries, but that didn’t seem something I would ever try. I felt like GOD would help me out if I really thought about the alternatives. Then, one day, I decided to open a little shop in one of the malls in Lahore, Pakistan.


I now make sugarcane juice and sell it, earning enough to support my family and also invest in my kids’ future. Some people are really nice and pay me more than what a glass of sugarcane juice, on average, costs. Sometimes, it’s humiliating for I am a self made man, but the well-wishers say it’s not because they feel bad for me, but it’s because they want to share and appreciate my courage and decision of working under such conditions whereas many other people in the same situation would have given up on life.


Today, I am happy with my life and just would like to say: please do not let small things come in your way of success. Life is too precious to waste on things out of our control. I request that you do not wait for things to happen, or think of lowly ways of living such as begging on the streets. Ask GOD and HE will help you out. Live life on a true will with determination and faith in GOD."


This story reminds me of something I heard a while back. "When GOD closes one door on you, HE opens ten others. But being human and having this human nature we tend to look at the closed door for so long that we miss out on the ten doors that were open."


Many of us are proud of who we are and what we have. Subsequently and contradictorily, we take so many things for granted, that we forget THE GIVER. Do not forget the invisible Hand and its Owner that guides you through your struggles.


"Do not look at the line of your palm and swell with pride or arrogance, Those who do not have hands possess destinies as well".


* * * * * * *