The World Needs A Savior - The World Needs my Guru by Rajvir Lashar, Canada

The World Needs A Savior - The World Needs my Guru

by Rajvir Lashar, Toronto, Canada

Midst the rumbling, noisy, streets of the world there is a place we return to each day called home, to be at rest for the arrival of a new tomorrow. Nonetheless each day brings changes, while some are small and others great and whether it is from school to work we are constantly on the move. On this continuous rush to do one thing or another how often do we stop to help somebody, spend a little more time with a loved one, or to mend the broken pieces of relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances. We wear a blindfold and ignore somebody’s sorrow and other times another’s happiness because that is not our world we say. Our world is what we consider to be directly related to us, the things we think we can control and the things we are accustomed to. A population of 6 billion and growing, we may choose to ignore the sorrows and happiness of the world, but my guru hears each cry and laughter.

My guru does not ignore the cries or joys of his children but like a father he carries his children when they have fallen and stands tall when they succeed. He does not work nine to five, Monday to Friday or rest on the weekend but he is always at work reaching out to every being. We watch the turmoil of the world, like spectators, each day, whether it is on the morning or evening news, other times we watch the people around us struggle financially, emotionally, or physically. There are many who smile in the face of hardships but my guru truly knows their struggle and wipes away the tears by giving them the company of the saints and showering them with hidden blessings. There are many who believe the world does not need a savior but saints firmly believe otherwise. Those who have felt the love of my guru will firmly stand behind this notion because they have felt the love and warmth of my guru’s embrace. For them, the world is a better place because my guru resides in every smile and each tear is a sign of strength because they know he has never abandoned anyone in the face of turmoil. The silence we return to each day after work or school within our homes is not what my guru hears, he hears the cries and laughter of the entire world every second of every day. My guru is not only the savior of my entire existence but for all of humanity. The world truly needs a savior; the world truly needs my guru.

* * *