The Strength of Surrender by Arpita Kundal, USA

The Strength of Surrender

by Arpita Kundal, USA

A thought comes to me almost everyday, what does it mean to be a God- Realized person? Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj our Satguru really stresses the qualities of a God-Realized individual, qualities such as love, compassion, tolerance, equipoise, large heartedness etc. But I often ask myself, after having the Brahm-Gyan, do I really encompass these qualities in my life in totality, as Baba Ji wants?

A group of people were in a healing camp learning important life practices such as self-healing through forgiveness and progression through true and ultimate surrender. There was this one lady with two girls and her husband who had just lost a son after carrying him for 5 months in the womb when he was found dead.

As the first step to learning life's first lesson, the camp leader asked the woman to jump into this fast flowing river, when her husband and kids would be rafting on a boat. He also told her that initially the flow and momentum of the river will be so strong that it will carry her underwater for some time; however, if she endured, she will be slowly directed to a pool of still water.

The woman stood for some time at the river side contemplating whether she should listen to this 'so called' camp leader or not thinking she was this close' to doom. Finally, when she was the last one left and she jumped without thinking. The strong water current took off even faster than she had expected and here she was trying to catch herself in this strong current, momentarily in and out of water. The more she resisted, the deeper she immersed. Then finally she gave in and stopped resisting and as soon as she did that she saw that the natural flow of water carried her to this standing pool of water where there was no tide at all. Her husband and kids waved at her smilingly acknowledging her success and as she looked at them and then at the calmness of the water surrounding her, she felt immense strength that was newly found and quite unknown to her normal self.

Such is the gift and bliss of true surrender! When we muster the courage to take the risk of doing this utter difficult task of "surrendering our beings to the Almighty", all life problems get solved because He is a much higher authority that is all so powerful and capable of doing so much more than we as small beings can ever do or achieve by ourselves.

* * *