The Nature of God-Realization by David Dhanoa, Ottawa/Toronto, Canada

The Nature of God-Realization

by David Dhanoa, Ottawa/Toronto, Canada

A thought comes to me almost everyday, what does it mean to be a God- Realized person? Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj our Satguru really stresses the qualities of a God-Realized individual, qualities such as love, compassion, tolerance, equipoise, large heartedness etc. But I often ask myself, after having the Brahm-Gyan, do I really encompass these qualities in my life in totality, as Babaji wants?

I believe that I have certain facets of the experience regarding these qualities, but they are not pervasive in my lifestyle. So the question arises-are we God- Realized if we do not have the qualities of a Brahm-Gyani (God Realized Soul) BUT have the Brahm-Gyan or is the Brahm-Gyan sufficient without these qualities. When I asked Baba ji, he looked at me very seriously and said, "You must remember this Gyan till your last breath!" So in essence this question goes beyond the norm because it travels to the root of the Nirankari Mission. The question really is What is the Brahm-Gyan? The whole aim of the mission is to bring about universal humanity through spiritual enlightenment, so this is of utmost importance.

Now, Gyan is the Indo-European relative of the Latin Gnosis or Knowledge (Modern English), but I believe that Gnosis is not merely knowledge it is Wisdom, the next step after knowledge. After learning a skill, it is practiced and then Wisdom is ascertained about it that would not be known just through the theory, only through experience. Brahm-Gyan in actuality is not even a knowledge because it is not a skill or theory of some kind, it is an introduction to a supernormal phenomena or energy. So knowledge is in actuality is a limiting word, wisdom seems more appropriate.

I was asking Nirankar for help on this question when an example came into my mind through nature (as the Formless Lord likes to speak from). We have a seed; within this seed is the whole tree, plant, fruit etc. Now to call the seed the actual tree, plant, fruit etc, would not be wrong because when PLANTED, this seed will become that tree, plant, fruit etc. The reason why Babaji stresses that we make Gyan a part of our life is that we must plant the Brahm-Gyan (which is like a seed) in our hearts. We have planted it in the mind (which is not most fertile of soil at times); the right soil to plant the seed of Gyan is the heart. Baba Ji stresses how we are using our mind more than our heart and it is causing a machine like existence. The fruits of this tree are love, tolerance, equipoise, compassion etc. Acquiring these qualities without planting the Gyan is like searching the soil for crops without even planting the seed!!!!

After this introduction (Brahm-Gyan) of the Primordial Energy, Formless Lord, Timeless Lord, Ultimate Reality, Allah, Waheguru, Ram, Tao, Nirvana, God, Yaweh and any other of the million names of this Supernormal Phenomena what do we do?????? Cultivate a relationship with this Nirankar, through contemplation of it (simran), serving its creation (sewa) and meeting with those who know how to have a successful relation with Nirankar (sadh sangat).

Sadh Sangat, there is no use just carrying seeds and telling people we have seeds, because the seed is not what feeds us or gives us shade, the point is to grow that tree, fruit, or plant so we can eat the fruit and sit under it for its shade!!!!

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