The Mission and the youth abroad by Gurpreet Arneja, Canada

The Mission and the youth abroad

by Gurpreet Arneja, Canada

Gurpreet is an ideal overseas Nirankari Youth. He has some very valuable thoughts to share with fellow young boys and girls. The same are reproduced here in his own pen. We do hope, this write-up based on his speech at the Ann Arbor Nirankari Youth Festival will be read with interest by Nirankari Youth in India and else where as well.

Saints, I had the divine opportunity to tag along with the entourage that was traveling with Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj on a recent salvation tour. While on tour, Rev. Upashak Ji was approached by many youth saying that they felt out of touch with the Mission, blaming mostly the elders for not speaking / preaching to them in English, or simply saying that they did not know enough about the Mission. I was there when Rev. Upashak Ji was speaking to this one individual. He asked only one question. Do you read the literature of the Mission? Saints, that young saint who was insisting on the agreement, has no answer. Saints, all of our questions can be answered, only if we seek the answers. It is written in the Bible,

"Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find; and it shall be opened unto you. for everyone that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened."

-St. Matthew 7:7 and 8

Saints, we must rid ourselves from this blanket of ignorance. Baba Ji has given to us all the tools to make our lives happy and divine. If we looked, we can find the answers to the history of the Mission, the plans for the future and any other question that may arise in our minds. But we have to have devotion and faith. Saints, let's not only read the books and magazines, but also learn from them and bring the words into our actions and into our lives.

As one great saint said, "We must no longer ask what this Mission has done for us, but what can we do for the Mission." Stop and think about it. What has this Mission done for you?

First and foremost, the Mission answers the questions of where do we come from and where do we go. It tells you what your destiny in life is - to obtain God-Knowledge. It teaches you how to obtain God-Knowledge. It tells you how to imbibe virtues like devotion, humanity, and Love for whole mankind. It unites not only you to yours, but all of mankind as one race in the eyes of God - the human race.

Now let's see what have I done for the Mission? I attend Satsang regularly - But that is good for me, it cleanses me of the worldly filth. I attend Samagam - Same thing. I need to do more!

In terms of what I can do for the Mission, we all know that Nirankar is the Supreme Power and doer of all deeds. Saints, let our actions become what Baba Ji wishes. Realize saints, I said let our ACTION become what Baba Ji wishes. Saints, Let's not only come up to the stage today, recite beautiful poetry or sing beautiful songs, say profound words and then take our seats the same way as we stood up. Lets all that, but return to our seats with the determination what I will act upon my words.

Many times in his discourses, Baba Ji says, "Hath Kar Val, Chitt yarr Val." Saints, this means that every time I take any action, let me always remember God. if we follow this simple teaching of our Satguru, we can become the devotees that Baba Ji sees us as.

Devotion, Humility, Love. This is what Universal Brotherhood stands for. This is the aim for all of the mankind. Baba Ji is striving to remove these classifications that separate one human being from another. I still remember one of Baba Ji's speeches where he said, "Why do we say that this border separates Canada and the United States? Why don't we say this border is where Canada and the United States meet." It is not something that we think of every day, but we should. We should always think of unity, oneness, and brotherhood. Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji once said.

" ... The basic essence of all religions is one and the same. All religions inspire us to become humans first of all. We shall be entitled to be called true Hindus, Muslims, or Sikhs only when we uphold human values, they preach. Without this basic trait, we cannot be either true humans or true devouts.

Saints, we are all still learning process. Many of us have made our first attempt to speak at Samagams of this eapacity. Learning, this also means improving. Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj once said in a speech, "Let's spend so much time on improving ourselves, that we have no time to criticize others." It is my belief that if you take home one thing from the entire Samagam, let it be this. When you feel that you are alone at any time, remember that Baba Ji is with you. Saints, if we can remember this our treading the path of truth and bliss.

* * *